No More Trash! No More Litter

January 14, 20130 Comments

What is the Litter and where from this word comes? This is an action performed by the human when they throw something on the ground after using it. It can be a piece of paper, wrapper, container or other disposable products. We can say it is a verb, when we drop something on the ground, and we left it un-removed and did not remove properly. Why the Litter is spreading and expanding all around the universe? It can affect our environment very strongly, and we have to control this. There are some why reason, which is mainly involved in Littering.

People with lazy attitude are the main reason. We all think that someone else will pick it up. Sometime we even don’t know that we are Littering. According to some reports from the environmental organization, the smokers are the big reason to spreading Litter. They claim that if there are suitable bins available, we can control this habit.

Some of them claims that if we know what it can be the effect on our world, we can change our behavior. Once Litter is on the ground it just not stands there alone, but it will attract more Litter. We can avoid litter if all of us started cleaning our houses, porch, lawns, school, shops, streets, roads and the stations. We can stop the Litter in only one way if we start changing our behaviour.

We can educate peoples to get a stop on the Litter. Schools are the best place to educate children, so they can make it a rule for their life. To change the public policy is also can be a way to stop this. We may introduce some new codes and laws to stop littering in the world. Let’s join our hands together to finish the littering habit from the peoples and keep this world clean.

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