Movie ‘Think Like a Man’ Is Better than Average Rom-Com

If you are a man, then Think Like A Man. This is not an advice for you, but we are talking about the upcoming movie from the Hollywood, and this is Think Like A Man. You may be familiar with the title of the movie. This is not an originally written script, but the director of the movie follows the book. This is a dating advice book written by Steve Harvy. If you did not read this book yet, then you can enjoy this book in a different way. You can watch on the big screen on Thursday midnight.

Think Like A Man will hit the box office on April 20 this year. The full title of the book is Act like a lady, Think Like A Man was the best seller for the writer. He would never think that this book can take him to the peak. In the book, there are four stories of a different couple. Every couple is acting in a different way. In the movie, all women start following the book and tries to keep their boyfriend happy with them with the help of a book.
They calculate every move before acting and applying on the man. They are carrying the book with them like religious women in los Angeles carries the Bible. They guys in the movie feel something wrong, and they try to find the reason behind this. Once they found the book and master mind behind this, they start acting in the same way. They start using the women’s weapon against them. This movie contains comedy, drama and emotions as well.

This is a must watch a movie for the young guys who are interested in relationship with others. This movie cum book might help them to find a perfect lover. How this movie performs on the box office and how many people like this. To get the answer of the question we have to wait until next Friday. You can share your thoughts with us after watching this movie.