‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Premiere Review

January 12, 20130 Comments

Have you seen the last episode of the, The Walking Dead season two? If you misses the episode on the Sunday night, then you must be surprised at the end of the, The Walking Dead show. This episode named as Better Angeles, and it was a shocking episode. There was a deadly fight between Shane and Krik. The fans of the Krick want to end the Shande life. To be very frankly I’m not the fan of both guys.

If you like to watch the Shane style and his acting, then you are wishing that he must kill Krik. In the last episode before this Sunday Dale was dead. This is an American horror television series, and it was started in the 2010. The cable tv channel AMC telecasted the all episodes of the season and then the second season of the series was started on October 16 2011.
When the two episodes of the season were still to be on aired, the AMC announced that they might be back for the third season of the Drama. The Walking Dead series become very popular in the first season, and it receives many awards. The series also receives the most viewers for any series and the number of the fan was 8. 1million. The 3rd season of the, The Walking Dead will start in the first quarter of the 2012.

After the death of main character within the drama what they will are planing to do in the third season. What we can predict for the 3rd season. I think they have to be faster to remain in touch their fans with them. I am waiting for the third season to be begin. For that peoples who missed the finale few episodes of the drama can watch the recap on the youtube. I just read many articles from the internet about the final episode, and they discussed in detail about what happened in the last appearance of the series.

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