Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Perfume Line

January 17, 20130 Comments

You don’t need to be jealous if you are not close enough to Justin Biebr like Selena Gomez. Now you can smell like Selena Gomez after she opened a perfume line up. She named the fragrance shop as a Selena Gomez. She debuts her first perfume line on April 12 in New York. She looks very happy at the time of opening ceremony. She revealed that she was inspired by the twins Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. She is creating this fragrance after inspiring from them.

She said I always want to creat my own fragrance as they done. They start their little body sprays in the start. She is using her name as her perfume line up. When a reporter asked her about the name, she replied, I want to have a simple name for my first scent. I don’t want to get involved in philosophical with my first one. I just want to represent myself, and it is so much fun for me. She explained about the taste and smell of the perfume and said, It’s simply fruity, and I can describe in one way that its yummy. A day before the opening of the perfume line up she published a photo of her perfume. She is standing along with the perfume. The perfume bottle is in purple color. It’s packed in a long bottle and has a golden cap. In the description of the image she explained, Ohh its so purity…so excited, nervous and hyper.

However, she did not look hyper or nervous over the opening ceremony. The newly created perfumes will be available in the market on May and August. The price of the perfumes starts from $35, $45 and $55. They will be available in the different stores. If you buy one from the Selena Gomez, then you must share your opinion about the perfume in the comment below.

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