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Video of George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin case raises questions

March 30, 20120 Comments

George Zimmerman’s Brother Speaks Out on Trayvon Martin Shooting In an interview Thursday night on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., addressed the accusations against his brother of racial bias and unwarranted violence in the killing of Trayvon Martin, 17, last month, calling his brother “the neighbor that everybody would want [...]

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Earl Scruggs Dead at 88 Bluegrass Legend Earl Scruggs Died

March 29, 20120 Comments

It may be impossible to overstate the importance of bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs to American music. A pioneering banjo player who helped create modern country music, his sound is instantly recognizable and as intrinsically wrapped in the tapestry of the genre as Johnny Cash’s baritone or Hank Williams’ heartbreak.Earl Scruggs died Wednesday morning at age [...]

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Tara Reid wardrobe malfunction Tara Reid Nipple Slip Photos

March 12, 20120 Comments

Tara Reid and her gangly alien-like body have had yet anoher bizarre wardrobe malfunction.This time Ms. Reid is wearing something to cover up, sort of, but still, too much is exposed. Tara has really been whooping it up while in Saint-Tropez, France, and she has been looking like a rubber chicken topped with Britney Spears’ [...]

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Most embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions Photos

March 11, 20120 Comments

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions As Publicity Stunts: Why It’s Really Not OK HuffPost Entertainment is launching a series entitled “It’s Really Not OK,” offering a second look at pop-cultural developments that should have caused alarm but somehow didn’t. The back of a skirt tucked into one’s tights, a deep V-neck dress that’s more nip slip than [...]

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The movie theatre’s American flag is not being displayed according to US Flag Code

March 11, 20120 Comments

The movie theatre’s American flag is not being displayed according to US Flag Code regulations and some neighbors feel that the flag’s treatment is a disgrace. Over the marquee’s neon red glare there is no proof that our American Flag is still there.The American flag on top of the marquee of The Pavilion, the movie [...]

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Lenny Dykstra gets three years in prison

March 7, 20120 Comments

(SAN FERNANDO, Calif.) — Disgraced ex-New York Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra on Monday was sentenced to three years in a California state prison after pleading no contest to grand theft auto and providing a false financial statement. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Ulfig sentenced Dykstra after refusing to allow him to withdraw his [...]

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Whitney Houston dead 2012 Pop queen Whitney Houston dies at 48

February 12, 20120 Comments

LOS ANGELES — Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music’s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, died Saturday. Whitney Houston was 48. The 48-year-old singer died Saturday on the eve of the Grammy Awards. She had been expected [...]

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The changing looks of Emma Watson Photos

February 5, 20120 Comments

The changing looks of Emma Watson:From wearing stunning Chanel gowns to fronting one of the world’s leading fashion brands, Burberry, Emma Watson has been deadly serious about upping her style credentials, especially with the whole world watching her every sartorial move. We felt it was time to give the world’s current hottest fashion commodity and [...]

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Watertown bank robbery a Watertown man was sentenced

January 25, 20120 Comments

Watertown – A man accused of robbing a Key Bank on Washington Street in Watertown was caught a few hours later following a chase. All of the money allegedly stolen by William Pitoniak, 37, of Mullin Street in Watertown, was recovered.Pitoniak is accused of entering the Key Bank just after 4:00 Thursday afternoon and demanding [...]

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Demi Moore Hospitalized The Latest Reports on Her Condition

January 25, 201211 Comments

Actress Demi Moore was taken to the hospital on Monday night after having a reported substance abuse issue. Per TMZ, a 9-1-1 call was made from Moore’s Los Angeles home at 10:45 p.m.; upon arrival, paramedics spent 30 minutes checking her out before transporting her to a nearby hospital.Sources tell TMZ that Demi Moore ‘s [...]

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