Wilson Chandler will get $37 million from Nuggets

January 11, 20130 Comments

Wilson Chandler has signed a five-year contract with the Denver Nuggets. Wilson Chandler will get $37 million for his services for the next five years. This news was, firstly, announced by his agent Chris Luchry and Hochman tweets this news. Now he will be available for the next game from Denver. No details are or the terms of the contract are issued yet. We will update you as soon as possible the officials announced the details.

As we are in the middle of the free agent trading season, we can see some more deals also. This is a big win for Wilson Chandler to get a contract with nuggets.He missed the last year’s season to contract with any team for NBA. He went to the China for playing basketball, and now he is back to the National Basketball Association. This is not a bad salary for a year when you get $7.4 million per annum.
He must be happy after this contract, and now he will be available for five years for the Denver team. Many of the peoples are thinking that his is a low deal for Wilson Chandler. However, I like a reply from a commentator who said, This is not a low deal, but as he has an injury history, it can be a very risky for the Denver team. If he gets injury and sits on the table and watching the match, how the manager of the team will feel? Chandler is young player, and he is just 25-year-old. He was born in 1987, and he was playing for Zhejian Guangsha in the past.

He played for the New York Knicks also, and he is a tall man. He is young, talented and good jumper in the middle. He can block the shot very well, and he can score as well. We hope this deal will bring some good result for the Nuggets. Are you satisfied with the amount which he will get from the Denver?

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