Lionel Richie Owes IRS $1.1 Million in Unpaid Taxes

Do you own $1.1 million in your bank account? There are many people who do but when we talk about the tax from the federal government, this amount is not a small figure. Maybe this amount still has no attention for many, but most of the people lives in the country must be shocked of they have to pay this amount as a tax. Lionel Richie has to pay this amount to the federal government. He did not pay the tax since 2010.

This is not a big deal for the legend singer. This is very rare when a start is not paying his taxes. He is earning million every month, and he owns assets of $200 million. Not so much for you? Then you should be a billionaire. Lionel Richie confirms the news on Friday through his publicist. The IRS has issued a tax lien against me for unpaid taxes said, Lionel Richie. I am aware of the situation and my new team will handle the situation, and everything will be fixed immediately. He has to pay the taxes before the time run up fr him. The deadline for the tax is April 17, and he has to do something before the last day. The ISR department has the right to block his assets in case of violation.

He has confirmed the tax lien by himself before he goes to the Concert, which will be air at 9pm on CBS. He will be with the friends on the stage. There will be many country superstars as well. They all took part in the recording of the album Tuskegee. Lionel Richie tells to the media that there will be some more guest on the stage, and they are my personal. Lionel Richie revealed some news to his daughter, he said I like to show off, because they don’t know me like this.

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