Justin Bieber Gets a Fisker Karma as Gift

January 10, 20130 Comments

What is the fantasy car of your favourite singer justin Bieber? If you are a true fan of him, you should know this. This is not the Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz. Here is the answer for your question. The favourite car of the Bieber is newly released Fisker Karma. This is a truly electric luxury vehicle. It allows the rider to plug in or fill up. Justin’s Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday on March 3.

What gift he received from his manager Scooter? This is the dream car of the Bieber Fisker Karma. He surprised him with a gift which worth $100,00,000, and it is an electric car. This is not just a gift, but it is a kind of reward what he is done for his manager.

Have you seen this model of the Fisker Karma? This is very cool model, and it looks like a BMW. Every feature and interior are eco friendly in this model of the car. This gift will not just give an extra fame to the Bieber, but the Fisker Karma company will also get some extra attention of the peoples. Some of the Bieber fan may be also interested to buy the same car as their favourite singer own one.

Let see how Fisker Automotive company will cash this issue. This is a Finland Company, and it is a highly rated company of the year. They delayed their model several times, and finally. They launch the model in July 2011. There is different price for the two models. The price of the Basic model is $102,000 and the top model worth US$116,000. You can ask your father to get a car like this for you. However, be sure that your father has enough account balance to get one for you. This kind of gift is just made for the stars not for every person living on the planet.

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