Drunk-ed Jenna Jameson Arrested For DUI On Friday Morning

January 9, 20130 Comments

Jenna Jameson was arrested on early Friday morning. She was taken in the custody for suspicion of DUI according to the TMZ report. The porn star was driving the car while she was not in her control. She was involved in an accident the late night at 1:30 am. She struck her car to the pole. After the accident, police arrives there, and she shows the signs of possibly being under the influence of alcohol.

They took her in the custody, and now she is still facing the questions of the police officers. She also faced a field test for the confirmation of the alcohol and other drugs. There is a limit assign from the law-making authorities for the citizens. Whenever they cross the limits and showing the signs of alcohol or other drugs, they have to face the police and some simple test. If the amount of the drugs is smaller than the allowed amount, then there is no problem for the person.
This is a normal thing for the celebrities and especially for a porn star. She maybe went to a party or any event and then drunk more than the average amount. She must be careful while driving because she may hurt herself hardly if she hits to other vehicles or any building. There must be some more restricted rules specified for the drivers of the vehicle in the night.

The traffic department has to work more to reduce the amount of accidents and police has to help them for sentencing the people to the jail who are not following the rules. Currently, Jenna Jameson is in the police custody, and she will be released soon according to some web reports. Do you think the current amount of the allowed alcohol for the drivers is enough to control the accidents and safety of the people?

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