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Even after reading her biography on Wikipedia, I still have no idea why Chrissie Chau is topping the search list at Yes, she’s overtaken Naomi Neo and even the late Toh Chin Chye. I must say that she is photogenic and really knows how to look at the camera. Her lower teeth are a bit too far out and there are far prettier models in Hongkong. If anybody has got any answers why Chrissie Chau is making waves in Singapore, please comment.

Chrissie Chau Launches Own and Lingerie Bra Brand

Chrissie Chau Hong Kong s e x symbol

Chrissie Chau (born 22 May 1985 in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China) Chrissie Chau is Chinese actress and celebrity model from Hong Kong. Spokesperson of renown beauty house prospects her reputation all over Hong Kong while the campaign was highly publicized anywhere in MTR and newsstands. Chrissie Chau achieved wide fame after release portrait album in 2009 & 2010. Her film career began in earnest after leading starred in the ghost horror film Whomb Ghost (2009), Chrissie Chau starred 20 productions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Chrissie Chau had won three “Most Searched Photos on Yahoo!” in 2009-2011, “Yahoo! Entertainment Spotlight Person” in 2009 and “Most Popular Actress Award” in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. She recived “Award of Merit: Leading Actress” from The Accolade ™ competition in 2011 for her performance in Beach Spike.

Here’s a video of Chrissie Chau’s interview with CNNGoaum and numerous other websites after the sceen capture was released.

Chrissie Chau hands out money as superheroine:Put Chrissie Chau in tight leather pants, a satin top with a plunging neckline, boots and a cape and you will draw a crowd. Have her hand out money to poor people and you will have a photo-op that one might think exploits the poor people getting the New Year’s envelopes.

Chrissie Chau appears here as the Hong Kong Bauhinia Xia, who may become a lead in a movie although the movie exists only as a poster at this point. Chrissie Chau is also the star of a comic; read about Bauhinia Xia at 21CB and, as usual, Dennis Lee.

Those familiar with Catholic hagiography might see Bauhinia Xia as a 21st century, Chinese, female version of, say, Martin De Porres or Francis of Assisi (but without the organization skills).

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