Chrissie Chau Launches Own and Lingerie Bra Brand

Chinese “pseudo-model” and “actress” Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) has come out with her own lingerie line.Watch out, the fashion world. Here comes Chinese model-turned-actress Chrissie Chau with her own lingerie line.The 26-year-old, widely viewed as one of the pioneers of Hong Kong’s lang-mo (a group of young models who gain popularity by dressing revealingly and posing seductively at exhibitions or in photo books), becomes a businesswoman recently, having invested a seven-figure sum to develope her own lingerie line.

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The line, targeting at the teenagers in China, also seesChrissie Chau designing and modeling the pieces. For her new venture, the Guangzhou-born pretty lass collaborated with a lingerie brand in China and invested RMB8 mil (RM3.9mil).In a joint venture with lingerie brand, Lamiu, Chrissie Chau invested $8 million Yuan (approximately $10 million HKD) to launch her own bra line, entitled, “ShowNa Collection” (秀娜系列). The underwear was especially targeted young mainland girls. Chrissie was deeply involved in the creation of her underwear line, designing a variety of very sexy lingerie sets!

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Chrissie Chau Launches Own Bra Line

Chrissie Chau is confident that the line will make money. Indeed, the newly launched line – which sees items being sold at around RMB200 (RM98) per piece – has received overwhelming response.Investing approximately $10 million HKD ($1.3 million USD), Chrissie Chau has created what is called the  ”ShowNa Collection (秀娜系列)”. With total creative control, Chrissie Chau creates and prices all her designs; all of which are targetted specifically at Chinese teenagers.

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So far, it seems that the ShowNa Collection has been a big success. With each piece moderately priced around $200 RMB ($30 USD), and Chrissie Chau as the spokesmodel, it’s no wonder that over a million orders were placed just over the first couple of days!

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Chrissie Chau (born 22 May 1985 in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China) Chrissie Chau is Chinese actress and celebrity model from Hong Kong. Spokesperson of renown beauty house prospects her reputation all over Hong Kong while the campaign was highly publicized anywhere in MTR and newsstands. Chrissie Chau achieved wide fame after release portrait album in 2009 & 2010. Her film career began in earnest after leading starred in the ghost horror film Whomb Ghost (2009), Chau starred 20 productions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Chrissie Chau Launches Own Bra Line, Helping Women Achieve the Perfect Cleavage!

Chrissie Chau had won three “Most Searched Photos on Yahoo!” in 2009-2011, “Yahoo! Entertainment Spotlight Person” in 2009 and “Most Popular Actress Award” in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. She recived “Award of Merit: Leading Actress” from The Accolade ™ competition in 2011 for her performance in Beach Spike.

Chrissie Chau became attention object to “After 90s’ girls” in Hong Kong from the survey held by YMCA 2010. Report pointed out girls think Chrissie Chau has high EQ and is optimistic and bold. Whilst Chrissie Chau ranked 16th in 2010 LIVAC Celebrity Roasters of Cross-Straits Media announced by HKIEd, a title for which she has received substantial media attention.

Chrissie Chau Biography:Chrissie Chau emigrated from Chaozhou to Hong Kong with her family when she was 10. She says that she worked in a fast-food restaurant when she was 15, and then as a shop assistant in Causeway Bay earning HK$3,000 a month.

Chrissie Chau is arguably Hong Kong’s most famous lang mo, started pseudo modeling after she won 1st runner-up title as the 2002 Comics Festival ‘Game Girl’. She came to prominence as the poster-girl for Slim Beauty slimming boutique. During the shooting of a TV commercial for the boutique, Chrissie Chau ripped off her clothes whilst crossing the road in central business district to reveal a bikini underneath.[3] In 2009 she released a limited edition life-sized poster with her likeness– dressed in lingerie– printed on the cover, at HK$560 apiece.

Chrissie Chau Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Chrissie Chau helping to “unscramble the Chrissie Chau phenomenon”

Chrissie Chau was invited as a guest for a talk show at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in late 2009, as part of a seminar series entitled “Knowledge Unlimited”, aimed at widening students’ horizons. Chrissie Chau was invited as a guest to the seminar to discuss “Unscrambling the Chrissie Chau Phenomenon”.Chrissie Chau was interviewed by Professor Dr. Li Siu-leung of Lingnan University in front of an audience of 400 students. She was asked a number of rather straight forward philosophical and existential questions, and was criticized for not being able to answer them; The Standard described this as “an old-fashioned ambush”. The university was in turn criticized by radio host Eileen Cha for choosing Chrissie Chau for a seminar series entitled “Knowledge Unlimited” when she is not clearly up for it.

Chrissie Chau Anthony Wong’s Remarks:Veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has openly criticised and ridicule pseudo-models, specifically Chrisse Chau, calling them brainless and overall a “bimbo” during July 2010 in a few open events. This has come upon a recent book fair controversy, where pseudo-models are banned from the event.

Chrissie Chau2011 Career Moves:After being cast in her first starring role in the Hong Kong movie Beach Spike in 2011, Chrissie Chau was hired by La Miu, a Beijing-based lingerie company, as a spokesperson with a reported 7-digit [US$] contract.

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