SNSD Tiffany’s sexy feather outfit excites Hong Kong’s audience

SNSD’s Tiffany and Taeyeon have once again made the headlines because of their shocking sexy fashion.On January 25, a topic titled, “SNSD Tiffany’s sexy feather outfit excites Hong Kong’s audience,” was posted on a Chinese online community board. A set of pictures illustrated the thread, showing SNSD Tiffany in a provocative pose, dressed in a pink feathered mini dress and a pair of long white stockings.

SNSD Tiffany's sexy feather outfit excites Hong Kong's audience

The pictures spread like wildfire online and became a hot topic among netizens.

Fans of the group were shocked to see both members show off an unusually sexy image. This provocative side of SNSD Tiffany contrasts with her sweet image which fans are more used to seeing. These pictures were taken on January 15 during the “Lady Marmalade” introduction performance of SNSD’s Hong Kong Concert.

You can watch fancams of the performance below:

[Fancam] 120115 TaeNy – Lady Marmalade @ 2012 GG TOUR IN HK

To this, netizens commented, “Is this really SNSD Tiffany? This image doesn’t suit her,” and “SNSD Tiffany and Taeyeon pull off the cute image best,” while some netizens totally disapproved of their outfits, saying, “There must have been underaged fans at the concert. They should have paid more attention when choosing their outfits.”

Others added, “SNSD members are now in their twenties, they are in an age when these kind of performances shouldn’t be deemed as unusual,” and “Only when SNSD are out of Korea they go for the sexy concept?”Meanwhile, on February 12, SNSD is scheduled to hold their “Girls Generation Tour” in Thailand.What do you think of SNSD Tiffany’s outfit? Too much?

SNSD’s Tiffany Caught Without Under Wear?

No, there aren’t any pictures of SNSD / Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany coming out of a car going “commando” however this fancam video of SNSD before the ‘Etude’ performance Music Core has got netizens going crazy and it has quickly become the number one most searched topic on daum.

snsd tiffany underwear

Yoona’s actions are certainly causing a lot ruckus and a lot of harsh words from crazy netizens. Some think that SNSD Tiffany wasn’t wearing the under wear covering her underwear, while some think that she wasn’t wearing underwear at all but none of these speculations are confirmed to be true. And we will never know what really went on without hearing the conversation that took place between them. Of course it would be a dream for any male to catch SNSD Tiffany without her underwear but I highly doubt she wasn’t wearing any. What do you think happened in this incident?

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