The Infamous Amos Yee Chinese New Year Video

Amos Yee on Chinese New Year video: ‘It was a joke’:WE NOT Naughty child actor Amos Yee has come under fire for, well, being naughty.A 1min 40sec video clip titled Chinese New Year that he uploaded on YouTube last Sunday ago has enraged some netizens with its supposed disrespectful content.In the video – which has attracted more than 150,000 views – the 14-year-old gives his satirical take on how Chinese New Year came about, mocking the origins of the zodiac and joking about how children should be given a one-month holiday for Chinese New Year.

Amos Yee Chinese New Year Video

But in the aftermath of netizens’ rage over the video, Amos Yee told The New Paper: “The video is a joke executed well but it attracted a lot of hate.”

14-year-old Singapore Filmmaker/ Actor Amos Yee Insults Chinese New Year with Thick American Accent in Video:This is what happen when you fan the ego of a little boy too much and leave it unchecked.

Amos Yee Chinese New Year Video

Last year, Zhonghua Secondary School student, Amos Yee was the winner of both the Best Actor and Best Short Film awards at The New Paper’s inaugural FiRST Film Fest for his film, Jan, a funny, witty entry about a boy desperately trying to cajole his three friends to help a girl who has cancer:

Amos Yee on Chinese New Year Video youtube

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