Happy 23rd Birthday to Choi SooYoung 10 February 2012

A Birthday Tribute to Sooyoung – Why do we love Choi Sooyoung? Has anyone really thought of this before? People might say that love has no reason, but this is simply a summary of a million reasons why you love her. Choi Sooyoung, a simple and common name made up of 3 simple characters, but we chose to love her among the 7 billion people in this world. Why?We love her not just because she’s a member of SNSD, not just because she is the tallest, or because she’s pretty, because there has to be something more about her.

Happy Birthday Sooyoung(SNSD)

We love Choi Sooyoung, because she is…A great entertainer for all. She once said, “I’m just tall, height is everything I have for this group”, without knowing how much she has underestimated herself. Nobody can confidently say that one has never laughed watching Choi SooYoung on variety programmes. Funny, creative, willing to sacrifice her image – you never know how much effort she has done thinking of how to make everyone laugh, making sure that people’s time are not wasted watching her on TV. Since when did people start saying, “Ah, it’s funny, but I bet it’ll be funnier if Choi SooYoung was there”, since when did K-sones started saying, “This episode will probably become a legend if Choi SooYoung was there”. The fact that everyone misses her on TV whenever she doesn’t appear, is the best proof of her entertainment ability.

Happy 23rd Birthday to Choi SooYoung

The embodiment of the SNSD spirit – she’s the best explanation of how endurance and perseverance are the reasons why SNSD grows stronger day by day. Always looking fearless, but she’s the one who sheds tears most often; Always being casual and calls her unnies ‘kids’, but when these ‘kids’ get hurt, got bullied, she’ll be the one who stands up for them reckless of danger. She experienced tremendous amount of pain when she was injured, but she made a video and told her fans “I’m healthy, don’t worry about me”, before discharging from the hospital a week after the major injury; For SNSD, she’s willing to do anything she can.

An extremely intelligent and talented person. Dances well – always being one of the lead dancer of the group; Speaks Japanese fluently – became the communication bridge between J-sones and SNSD, without Choi SooYoung, it’s not impossible that members will surprise another waiter with ‘Rabbit sushi’ again the future; Writes beautiful lyrics and speaks English well and…..

Happy Birthday to Choi SooYoung

An extremely hardworking person. Dances well – can you still remember that she’s able to memorize every member’s dance steps, and remind them whenever necessary? Rather than praising her for her memory, it’s perhaps more appropriate to say that she remembers because she’s concerned, she cares and she puts in the effort to memorize. Speaks Japanese fluently – can you still remember, that a little girl named Choi Sooyoung left her homeland at the age of 12 for a competiton in Japan? Debuting in a foreign country, experiencing hardships and cruel reality in the society at such young age – time is not the only thing that Choi SooYoung sacrificed to achieve her Japanese proficiency. Writes beautiful lyrics and speaks English well – can you still remember, that these abilities did not come naturally to her? While listening to her song, hearing her speak English, what we must be reminded of, is the effort and time she spent learning such skills – just to be a better member for the group.

Above are just a few out of the million reasons, and I believe there will be more to come in the future. But all in all, why do we love Choi Sooyoung? Instead of saying “Love has no reason”, you can say “There’s only one reason” – because when there are a million things about her that makes you fall in love, those reason becomes simply – “…because she’s Choi Sooyoung”.Lastly, Happy 23rd birthday to our dearest Choi SooYoung!

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