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The part about him being a scholar could be true. The stories, however, seemed fabricated and you have to laugh at the effort this guy goes through for the attention. If you look at “George Kuah’s” blog, it looks like it came from the same mind as this “Daryl Kwok” person, just watered down to make the latter appear “superior”. It’s all from the same guy, i.m.o. Some of his comments are pretty insensitive, but there was a sentence or two which made me question if this guy’s stories were real.

who is Daryl Kwok Singapore at Daryl Kwok

Normally, I don’t even talk to people below the CAP of 4.85, but since Daryl Kwok is being kind today, he shall entertain your whatever nonsense.

I took a quick glance at his resume and quickly picked up the important details:

1. CAP of 4.66
2. Interned at GS Operations
3. Interned at RBS Risk management
4. Not from RJC or HCI

Singapore at Daryl Kwok

In Summary: No Elite internship to speak of, Lousy Cap, NO Leadership qualities, No Lineage to speak of.

That’s not my hand (if you were wondering).

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