Angela Oon Scandal Workers Party Affair Yaw Shin Leong

I just read it from our local famous social-political website that WP MP Yaw Shin Leong is involved in a under table affair with his WP team mate Angela Oon and the latter is pregnant. This is a little shocking to me because Yaw Shin Leong is 斯斯文文.

According to the informants, some of whom are from the Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC), a certain Mr Yaw Shin Leong, core member of a prominent opposition party has been sleeping around with a married female member of the same party named Angela Oon and has gotten her pregnant.Mr Yaw Shin Leong and his wife reportedly sought counseling with Reverend Dr Chua Chung Kai of the CEFC after the affair came to light, in a bid to save their marriage which was on the rock. Both Mr Yaw Shin Leong and his wife worship at CEFC.Singapore Parliamentarian Yaw Shin Leong having extra-maritial affair Scandal

Angela Oon Scandal Workers Party Affair Yaw Shin Leong

I am impressed by this young candidate who draws light to Singapore’s growing underclass. It’s easy to see, each time you visit a hawker centre and see the old aunties collecting the tin cans or the blind aunty coming by to sell tissues. Just the other day I saw an elderly man collecting old boxes. It’s becoming more of a common sight. You can read Angela Oon’s full interview at Yahoo Singapore, but here are some quotes that drew me in:

I have to agree with this statement that Angela Oon made:

“invisible poor”, the widening income gap — which “can erode social stability in the long term

“Right now, we have the luxury of implementing such changes in incremental steps because our country is in a period of growth and stability,”

ANGELA ONN & YAW SHIN LEONG WP candidate – Angela Oon

Singaporeans often think of politics as “distant” from everyday life, but politics is “intensely personal”, Angela Oon stressed. Public policies impact “almost every aspect of our daily lives”.

In an earlier interview, Angela Oon said, “I was prepared for the worst but hoping for the best.”

Her family, however, were not surprised at her decision.

“They were a little apprehensive (at first)… Now they are wholeheartedly behind me,” said Angela Oon, who has been married for four years and has no children.

Angela Oon Scandal

While she only became a citizen in 2010, the Kelantan-born Angela Oon has been in Singapore since she was two months old. She became a PR when she was five.

I was not surprised to hear of her family’s initial apprehension, but surprised to hear that 32 year old Angela Oon continues to work as a researcher for a Stat Board. It’s great that she doesn’t face discrimination for joining the Opposition, and that’s the way it should be.

Angela Oon Affiliation
The Workers’ Party of Singapore
Angela Oon Birthday    : August 2
About Angela Oon:This is the official Page for Angela Oon, a member of the Workers’ Party of Singapore. Please join this page in order to receive updates about her and the WP in your News Feeds.
Angela Oon Gender    : Female
Angela Oon Personal Information    : Angela is an independent researcher whose current work focuses on the travels of Rabindranath Tagore in Asia. Angela Oon has published in The Mailer Review (Fall 2009) and The Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media (Sage Publications: 2010). Angela Oon is interested in Singapore’s history and heritage issues.

Her decision to enter politics was inspired in large part by her grandfather. He came to Nanyang (South…east Asia) from Hainan Island in China and had to work hard to make a living; yet throughout his life he always strove to better the society he lived in. As the head of a Hainanese clan association (海南会馆), he was a community leader and philanthropist who worked towards building a harmonious and inclusive society in the land he had chosen to make his home.

In that same spirit, Angela Oon decided that she could best contribute to Singapore’s nation-building process by helping to strengthen its political system, which is designed to work through an arrangement of checks and balances. Angela Oon feels that there is a profound imbalance in the fact that too few institutionalised safeguards are in place to check the power of the ruling party. An imbalanced system is not sustainable. Angela Oon believes that she can play a part in building up the capacity of the opposition in Singapore so that it can be strong, credible and robust enough to hold the government accountable to the people.

Angela Oon also believes that people have to be active participants in the political and social life of a country for them to feel invested in the nation-building process. The suppression of political and civic participation by the ruling party has led to a situation where the citizenry feel defeated and voiceless. How can a country grow and mature if people do not have a say in its development? This is what motivated her to enter the political arena – in the hope that she can participate and help effect change.

Angela Oon stood as a candidate in Nee Soon GRC with her other teammates in Singapore’s 2011 parliamentary elections. Her team garnered 41.6% of the votes in the constituency.

Angela Oon Personal Interests
Angela Oon Email
[email protected], [email protected]
Angela Oon Website

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