Noel Leung Siu Bing Scandal Noel Leung Extramarital Affair

Former TVB actress, Noel Leung (梁小冰), has been married with ATV actor, Gary Chan (陳嘉輝), for 12 years, leading a peaceful marriage. Yesterday, rumors surfaced that Noel Leung was intimately involved with former I-Cable host, Brian Wong . Noel Leung and Brian were photographed sharing an intimate exchange on the street! Apparently, the pair started their relationship in August 2011 and often exchanged flirtatious messages on their Weibo blogs. Regarding the allegations, Noel Leung and Brian were reluctant to respond.

Forty-two-year-old Noel Leung met 50-year-old Gary Chan in 1992 while filming TVB series, Being Twins . The couple dated for 8 years before getting married and have a 5-year-old son together. A 1990 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, Noel Leung was known for her performances in Duke of Mount Deer and Thief of Honor , Noel Leung had a good career until slowly fading from the entertainment industry after getting married. Last year, Noel Leung became more involved in theater projects instead. Noel Leung possessed a virtuous image; both Noel Leung and husband, Gary, were devout Christians. Due to lack of negative rumors over the last several years, the public was under the impression that the couple possessed a happy marriage.

Noel Leung Siu Bing Scandal Noel Leung Extramarital Affair

Embroiled in an Extra-Marital Affair?

However, a report emerged yesterday that claimed Noel Leung was intimately involved with former I-Cable host and current Japanese restaurateur, Brian Wong. Aside from being caught meeting outside on several occasions, Noel Leung reportedly helped Brian wipe his sweat. The pair was spotted entering a building one after the other, arousing speculation regarding the nature of their relationship. The tabloid report claimed that Gary Chan was extremely upset over the incident.The reporter attempted to contact Noel Leung over the recent extra-marital affair rumors, but her manager, Ruby, stated, “Thank you for your concern. Currently, I do not have anything to say.”

Noel Leung Extramarital Affair

Brian Wong was vague regarding his relationship with Noel Leung. Brian stated, “I have nothing to say. The innocent is innocent!” The reporter interviewed Brian’s employees at Japanese restaurant in Causeway Bay last night, upon which they claimed that the rumors were not credible.Reportedly in a “jealous rage,” Gary Chan excitedly uploaded a photo of some food dishes on his blog yesterday. Apparently, his mood appeared to be unaffected by Noel Leung’s negative rumors.

Immediately Deleting Message(s)

While Noel Leung and Brian did not wish to further respond to the negative rumors, the reporter speculated that they knew each other very well. Since August 2010, the pair often exchanged teasing messages through Weibo. However, after he was photographed with Noel Leung, Brian immediately erased [past] messages.Despite never interacting in the exchange between Noel Leung and Brian, Gary wrote in a blog post in October, “Remember, there is no option in choosing a man except to pick one that treats you well! Even if he has money…if he does not treat you well, it is no farting good!”

Scandal Noel Leung Extramarital Affair

Noel Leung’s past rumored costars, Patrick Tam (譚耀文), Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) and Kwong Chor Fai (鄺佐輝), were greatly surprised by the recent allegations that Noel Leung was involved in an extra-marital affair with Brian Wong.

Ada Choi Defends Noel Leung

Noel Leung’s close friends, Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and May Kwong (鄺文珣), indicated that Noel Leungand Gary had a good marriage. In addition, Noel Leung’s theater partner, Denis Ng (吳彤), and former Mr. Hong Kong participant, Ronan Pak (白健恩), did not believe that Noel was having an extra-marital affair.May Kwong stated, “Based on only one photo and one gesture, you cannot speculate on what had happened. My impression is that Noel Leung loves her family, her son and husband. In addition, her husband strongly supports her.”

Ada Choi noted, “That is just what the tabloids are speculating. I do not believe it! Noel Leung and Gary have a very good relationship. Since this is another couple’s family matter, it is inappropriate for me to say anything more. Anyhow, they are a loving and happy together!”Denis Ng said, “I laughed after reading the report. We are very good friends; last week, Ronan, Noel Leung, and I went to Brian’s Japanese restaurant to eat dinner.” As for Ronan, he was not in a position to comment, but stated that he found Noel Leung to be very cute.

Source: Oriental Daily
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