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Born in the UK to an English father and a Singaporean Chinese mother, Kelly spent her formative years in Warwickshire. At the age of 13, her family migrated to Singapore and has spent half of her life in the Lion City; this is where she calls home.

Kelly Latimer survived the Singaporean education system and broke away from books to get her hands dirty in the media world. After attaining a diploma in Communications and Media Management at Temasek Polytechnic, she then went on to graduate from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, with a distinction in her Bachelor in Communication (Media).

Since returning to Singapore, Kelly Latimer has spent her time hosting TV shows, corporate events, lifestyle launches and roadshows as well as at sporting competitions. She is also a voice over talent and has voiced for programmes and awards.

Kelly Latimer Singapore:’GAME’ returns for 5th season with new host Kelly Latimer joining the ‘Fraggot’ on STAR Sports:The popular video-gaming programme ‘Game’ – returns for its fifth season this Saturday 11 June 2011 with a new female host, Kelly Latimer, joining Mark ‘Fraggot’ Lim to showcase the very latest from the electronic entertainment world on STAR Sports.

Moving to a new weekend time slot, this Saturday’s show will start the season with a special on-site coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – the world-renowned annual convention trade show for the computer and video games industry – held in Los Angeles this week.

Kelly Latimer Singapore

Hosted by ‘gamer girl’ Mizzie, in her final appearance along with new presenter Kelly Latimer, the series will feature the latest and the freshest gaming innovations. The inaugural episode will feature a slew of exclusive content and opinions on this year’s E3 including our take on the latest announcements from the major players, a special feature piece on ‘The Future of Kinect’ and the Fraggot’s very own ‘best of’ for this year’s show.

Kelly Latimer (@kellylatimer), who was recently seen hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010 and STAR Sports’ Engine Block, relishes the opportunity to co-host on ‘Game’, as the self-confessed gamer and sports fan aims to marry her passion for television presenting, sports and video games.

Kelly Latimer

So – I’ll introduce you now – and give you direct access to the first videos Kelly Latimer did a few days ago
Click on the videos on this page to play them and see where we are starting from:
Kelly Latimer and Her Journey Back to Fit, Sexy and Healthy

Here is:
Kelly @ Facebook

Here is:
Kelly @ Twitter!/kellylatimer

What Kelly Latimer has agrees to share is very rare–But Kelly Latimer understands how this can helps inspire many people to change their own lives

Feel free to say “hi” and let her know I sent you…

And also – please share this all with anyone else you know who can use this kind of insight, inspiration and fuel for motivation.

Kelly Latimer has already taken a series of “Before” photos but we will not be sharing those until Kelly Latimer reaches her desired “After” goal(s). And with me in her corner – you know it will be sooner as opposed to later

The kind of direct coaching I’m giving Kelly Latimer is not something I do often simply because of the time and energy it takes and it’s really not for everyone. To find out more about this you can check out my Personal Fitness Coaching page.

Kelly Latimer Basic Information
Kelly Latimer Location
Kelly Latimer Birthday
January 21
Kelly Latimer About
Host & Vocal Talent
Kelly Latimer Biography
That chick on ESPN Star Sport’s “Game”
The run-around reporter on Singapore Talking
Event MC/Host & Voice Over Talent

And yes… She talks a lot.
Personal Information
Born in the UK, raised in SG. I love presenting but I’m still trying to find my feet in the whirlpool that is the media.

Currently, I’m the Baby on the Block. But one day I’ll join the Big Kids in the playground.
Personal Interests
Presenting, running the pups, reading, drawing, kayaking, dragon boat, and karate. I’d love to bungee, but I’m afraid of heights; I’d like to sky dive, but again… The heights!
Kelly Latimer Email
[email protected]
Kelly Latimer Website

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