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Lim Chong Yah Does Singapore need Economic Restructuring II?

April 10, 20120 Comments

SINGAPORE – To tackle rising income inequality and an excessive reliance on cheap foreign labour, one prominent local economist is proposing a three-year restructuring plan that includes a wage freeze for top income earners and sizeable pay hikes for the lowest paid. This ‘bold and iconoclastic’ proposal seeks to complete the wage revolution of 1979 [...]

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MM Lee on PAP losing power That day will come

April 7, 20120 Comments

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, the founding leader People’s Action Party’s (PAP) has predicted its rule of Singapore will come to an end one day.In a new book to be launched on Friday, the 84-year-old founder of modern Singapore said he has no illusions about his legacy and the future of the ruling PAP,  which [...]

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