Steven Lim’s offering $5000 for girlfriend

No one willing to be Steven Lim’s girlfriend even for $5,000 : Controversial Singaporean blogger Steven Lim posted a message on his site offering $5,000 to anyone who wants to be his girlfriend, but has yet to get a single reply after 19 days, local Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News reported.According to Shin Min, Steven Lim, 32, posted the message on October 9 telling visitors to his site that he was looking for a girlfriend. Interested parties should submit their photos via email, or send him and SMS. The selected ‘candidate’ will then be rewarded with $5,000 in cash.

Steven Lim's girlfriend even for $5000

Steven Lim’s girlfriend even for $5000 also uploaded a video to his post, in which a couple was shown kissing and hugging each other. A message flashed across the screen at the end of the clip, “Wah… so sweet!!! I also want a girlfriend!!! CASH REWARD: $5,000 for successful applicant.”When Shin Min interviewed Lim, he told the Chinese paper that the video and post were uploaded on October 9, but has received no applications or queries as of October 28. Steven Lim told Shin Min that the lack of a response to his ad does not bother him, “It’s really all for fun. I’m just trying it out to see what kind of a reaction I’ll get from this.”"Actually the couple in the video recording are really just models from my modeling agency. The video was done to promote them and create further awareness of their talents.”

“If I eventually receive an application, I will definitely give that girl the promised $5,000 cash prize. It’s not as if this amount of money means a lot to me!”, Steven Lim told Shin Min.He also told Shin Min that he used to know a number of Netizens through his blog, and will chat with them on a regular basis. However, the number of friends on his chat list has dwindled since he uploaded the clip with a message seeking a girlfriend. Steven Lim said, “Maybe they were worried that I’ll be mistaken that they are chatting to me just for the money.”Steven Lim claims on his blog that he is the “world’s most handsome guy” and also claims to be the “shareholder of seven big public-listed companies”. He describes himself as a very adorable person and that any girl who will be with him is guaranteed to be very happy.Steven Lim also listed some requirements for his prospective girlfriend-to-be, stating that she must be “pretty, nice, faithful, gorgeous and rich”. He also wrote that he does not care if the other party is “black, white or orange” and will accept her as long as she is willing to adopt him.

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