Who’s Kim Wakerman? Kids Central music video

Kim Wakerman (born November 11 1990) is a 17-year-old Eurasian (of Czech and Chinese parentage) actor-presenter in Singapore. Kim Wakerman has acted in the children’s favourite drama series We are R.E.M and has been the host of KCDC (Kids Central Direct Connection).

Who's Kim Wakerman Kids Central music video

Kids Central Music Video MTV— “There’s a Kid in me!”
has won the SILVER award in the World Promax Awards 2006 !!

Who's Kim Wakerman

oh my this is great!!!
all thanks to the wonderful directors and camera crews hard work, they deserve it!!
And not forgetting my kids central’s working buddies, they rock!!

kid central's kim wakerman in a very unfortunate photo

Kim Wakerman Blog



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