Suzanne Lim Singaporean Surgeon First Successful Liver transplant

Susan Lim is a Singaporean surgeon who performed the first successful liver transplant in Singapore in 1990.was born in Singapore, where Suzanne Lim was educated at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and the Raffles Institution. In 1974, Suzanne Lim was awarded a scholarship under the Colombo Plan to study medicine at Monash University in Australia.In 2003, she started a biotechnology company, Stem Cell Technologies.

In 2004, she became a Fellow of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Suzanne Lim is the youngest fellow and first Singaporean to be conferred this honour.Suzanne Lim established together with her husband, Deepak Sharma, and friend, Satpal Khattar, the Indiapore Trust with the aim of providing assistance to underprivileged children from countries in the region. The first Singapore charity to be supported by the Indiapore Trust, through a donation of $50,000, was the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, which assists struggling parents to meet their children’s school expenses. To date, the Trust has donated a science laboratory to the Raffles Junior College, and provided scholarships to underprivileged children in Singapore and India.She sits on the Global Advisory Council of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) 2011.

Suzanne Lim Singaporean Surgeon First Successful Liver transplant

Susan Lim was a speaker at The INK Conference in Lavasa in December 2010 along with James Cameron and Deepak Chopra.In February 2011 the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) was presenting a case to investigate an accusation from the Ministry of Health regarding complaints of overcharging a patient.In April 2011, Dr Susan Lim gave a presentation at TED on the topic of “Transplanting cells, not organs”.

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