Steven Ma Girlfriend Steven Ma Marries Vivian Xu

HK actor Steven Ma to get hitched within two years

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Steven Ma revealed on Tuesday that he will be marrying his girlfriend, Vivian Xu, within the next two years, said Hong Kong media.”It (marriage) will be one or two years down the road. Once our [relationship] has developed and our finances have reached a certain safety level, it will be time to turn a page in our lives,”Steven Ma told reporters, before going into more detail on his wedding plans.

“I am born in Hong Kong, so I will register my marriage and hold the wedding banquet here, though we may go overseas to shoot our wedding photos.”Ma added that he had been “thinking about getting married next year but hasn’t set an exact date” and was actually saving up to get a place of his own.

Steven Ma Girlfriend Steven Ma Marries Vivian Xu

The actor, who is currently living with his father and sister, said he is planning to buy a unit near his current home so the couple can stay near his family.When asked about his girlfriend of seven years, Steven Ma was full of praise for Xu.”She is mature in her thinking. I am sometimes a male chauvinist and clearly in the wrong, but she bears with it and refuses to quarrel with me. Of course I usually apologise after that.

“She is very independent so I don’t have to worry about her. She is not a narcissist and does not put on airs. And she does not interfere in my work at all,” said the 38-year-old actor, explaining that Xu never gets jealous when he has intimate scenes with his co-stars.

Steven Ma Marries Vivian Xu

Steven Ma Chun-wai (born 26 October 1971) is a Hong Kong actor and singer. In 1993, Steven Ma won a record deal after winning first place at an annual singing contest in Hong Kong, later releasing his debut album, Lucky for Meeting You (幸運就是遇到你), that December. Not long after his singing debut, Steven Ma joined TVB and began filming television dramas, later achieving fame through his supporting role in 1995′s legal drama File of Justice IV. Many of Ma’s television works are critically acclaimed and are popular successes in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Southeast Asia, notably Healing Hands (1998), Return of the Cuckoo (2000), and Where the Legend Begins (2002). Steven Ma currently holds the record for holding the most “Favourite Character” awards with a total of four recognitions. Ma’s best known for his portrayals of historical characters in many period television dramas.Steven Ma Life and career

Ma was born in a family of “grassroots” background. He was raised in the Pak Tin Estate in Sham Shui Po and lived with his father, a bus driver, his mother, three older sisters, and one younger sister. He attended the Pak Tin Catholic Primary School and later the CMA Secondary School.

In 1993, Steven Ma won first place at an annual singing contest in Hong Kong, also winning a record deal. He released his debut album, Lucky for Meet You (幸運就是遇到你), that December. To promote the album, his record label created the slogan “He’s not Leon Lai, he’s not Jacky Cheung” to describe Ma’s singing talent, which caused fans of both Lai and Cheung to criticize and badmouth Ma. After releasing one more album, Ma’s record label refused to renew an album contract with him.

At around the same time, Steven Ma signed an acting contract with TVB and had been portraying small minor roles in various television dramas. In 1994, Steven Ma was casted as the supporting character Dr. Stephen Chan Cheuk-yiu in the fourth installment of the popular legal drama File of Justice series. The drama was a popular success, and Ma’s popularity also soar. His portrayal of the intelligent Hong-hei Emperor in the 1998 remake of the popular wuxia novel The Duke of Mount Deer garnered even more interest from critics and producers alike, and Steven Ma began earning leading roles.

In 1998 Steven Ma filmed the ever popular TV series, “Healing Hands 1″, but unlike his carefree and sunny disposition Dr. Joe character in the said series, from 1998 until his mother’s death, Steven Ma was actually deeply depressed over the rapidly declining health of his mother, a cancer patient of 22 years. His mother’s death in July 1999 totally devastated him. For months he isolated himself in his bedroom to deal with the pain of losing his beloved mother. Steven Ma eventually put aside his pain to get on with his life. In 2002 he set up a publishing company, and in the same year he published the first of his book series of: Steven Ma’s True Tales of Society with “Why Suicide? (2002) followed up Steven Ma’s Tales of Society: I Am the Patient’s Family (2003).

Steven Ma’s portrayal of the historical figure Cho Chik in the drama Where the Legend Begins (2002) was both a popular and critical success. Following Where was the popular but critically mixed Perish in the Name of Love (2003), a 30-part television drama remake of the famous Cantonese opera Di Nü Hua. Gradually, Steven Ma began filming more dramas with historical or period backgrounds, in which Steven Ma subsequently became known for. Steven Ma is also the first actor to win the My Favourite Male Character award at the 2006 TVB Anniversary Awards through his performance in the 2006 low-budget period drama Safe Guards (2006).

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