Live Stream Music Core Watch music core live stream

Where could i watch live streaming of korean music shows?
and japanese show/dramas.for korean like KBS music bank. SBS inkigayo. MBC music core. and anything..for japanese. like tv asahi fuji tv.and everthing..

Live Stream Music Core Watch music core live stream

MBC Show! Music Core Live Streaming

Airs live every Saturday at 4:20PM KST. The show features some of the latest and most popular artists who perform live on stage. It is hosted by singer Park Ji-yeon of T-ara, Onew and Min-ho of SHINee, and Suzy of Miss A.

Watch music core live stream
this is the best live stream for korean music shows.

Youtube would be the best place for streaming
You can also download performances from these places

Anyone know of any sites that stream more than just the music shows? like sometimes kpopflash would stream wgm after music core ended, or stream other stuff like the idol olympics. it would be nice to see someone stream the entire channel.

the only ways i can think of are software based, like tvu (which only has mbc now), tvants (which has servers that are never consistanly available), streamtorrent(only has mbc and sbs, and they dont always work), afreeca (unless you live in korea, it doesn’t work without a korean proxy, and it is hard to find one that works), and daum’s potplayer (buffers and lags like hell, and some of the streams are password protected)

of course there’s always hardware based solutions, like a slingbox or the zizi player, but they cost money…

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