Million Dollar Money Drop Singapore xinmsn

Million Dollar Money Drop Home-viewers SMS Contest Home viewers can win too! Get exclusive wallpaper and stand a chance to win $1,000 cash and $1,000 worth of prizes from iFly Singapore and F&N Magnolia Sherbet.

Million Dollar Money Drop Singapore xinmsn

Million Dollar Money Drop How to play:

1) Answer the same set of questions as per contestants in the show during the programme time (eg: 8pm-9pm).
2) For every question, home viewers must SMS the answer within 60 seconds.
3) SMS MDANSNameNRIC to 73388.
4) Each SMS costs $1.00 (excluding 7% GST).
5) Each correct answer will entitles a chance to WIN.

Million Dollar Money Drop Contest Period: 9 August to 2 November 2011, from 8pm-9pm.

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Each game consists of 2 contestants and 1 million in hard cash.The game play all revolves around “The Drop”. This is a console consisting of 4 trap doors where each trap door corresponds to an answer. Contestants have to physically place money on the trap door they think – corresponds to the correct answer.Cash placed on incorrect answers will be lost forever.Cash placed on correct answer will not be opened and tranferred to the next round.There will be 8 answers in all. Questions 1 to 4 have four options of answers – contestants can only cover 3 trap doors.

Million Dollar Money Drop Singapore

Question 5, 6 and 7 have 3 options of answer – contestant can only cover 2 trap doors.Question 8 has 2 options – contestants can only cover 1 trap door. It’s a all or nothing.Contestants are always given a choice of 2 categories, covering from music to sports to nes, even geography.Once chosen, the answer options are revealed. The question is then read out and the contestants have 60 seconds to put their money on the correct trap door.They will be able to separate, divide the share of money across the available trap doors as they like but they have to do this in 60 seconds.It’s risk-high but stakes can be much alluring.. if you have what it takes.

Million Dollar Money Drop:   Episode 11

Million Dollar Money Drop was a game show which aired on Fox in the United States and Canada. It was based on the U.K. series The Million Pound Drop Live. However, unlike the original UK version, it was not broadcast live, and there were several changes to the format. The show premiered on December 20, 2010, and is hosted by Kevin Pollak.On February 21, 2011, announced a potential second season to air in the summer along with a board game as well.

Million Dollar Money Drop

On May 18, 2011, reported that FOX had cancelled Million Dollar Money Drop and would not be producing a second season. However, more than 15 different international versions of the program will continue to air in other countries. There has been no comment from FOX as to why Million Dollar Money Drop was cancelled, though there’s speculation it was due to its initial low ratings.

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