Taeyeon grabbed by mysterious man Taeyeon Grabbed by Stranger

At the Coupang Angel Price Music Festival, a man managed to make his way onto the stage during SNSD’s performance. Fans at the event were extremely confused, as there was immediate confusion as he made his way to the stage. Security guards were rumoured to have thought he could be a manager, although no one is certain how he made his way through the guards.

The man, whom no one is able to identify at present, jumped onto the stage during SNSD’s performance of ‘Run Devil Run’ and grabbed Taeyeon by the arm, attempting to pull her off-stage. Meanwhile, SNSD’s Sunny tried to stop the man from pulling her as she was the first to notice what was happening.

Taeyeon grabbed by mysterious man

The matter was eventually resolved, and Taeyeon continued with the rest of SNSD in their performances of ‘Hoot’ and ‘Gee.’ Netizens commented on Taeyeon’s bravery and dedication, saying she was very professional and praising her determination in continuing with the performances. Although she was very visibly shocked by the event, she continued on and finished their songs with SNSD.

UPDATE: It has now been reported that the man who approached the stage and Taeyeon has been detained by security guards. It is not known whether or not charges will be pressed, as agencies have dropped charges against “fans” in the past for very serious issues. Koreaboo will keep you updated on this as we learn more.

UPDATE #2: Fan accounts from the event state that the man came from backstage, not from the side or the crowd. This is garnering attention as it should be impossible for a person to enter the backstage, yet alone the stage itself. Fans are also saying that Jessica seemed very worried and showed concern, looking towards backstage, prior to the man appearing.

Taeyeon grabbed by mysterious man Taeyeon Grabbed by Stranger

During this entire ordeal, one of the men responsible for helping Taeyeon was the host, comedian “Oh Jungtae”. The MC also entertained the audience for a brief moment before SNSD continued on to perform their song “Hoot”.

UPDATE #3: We have updated the article with a fancam of Taeyeon being grabbed. Check it out below, it starts at about 3:37.

UPDATE #4: Oh Jungtae, the MC for the event, had an exclusive interview with BNT News and shared his thoughts about this ordeal. He commented that as the MC, he went to help Taeyeon and signaled for security to help her as well. The man who grabbed Taeyeon would not let go so easily, however. Oh Jungtae found it very odd that he was able to pass security so easily, which is often extremely tight for events such as these, especially with high-profile artists such as SNSD.

UPDATE #5: A representative from SM Entertainment has stepped forward to release a statement about the incident. They explain that, “during the [Angel Price Music Festival], there was an incident. Taeyeon handled it very bravely and security prevented the situation from becoming more severe. Audience and staff had initially thought the man on stage was a staff member. SNSD returned to their dorms after the concert and are currently resting. We are glad that this incident was settled and did not become something more serious.”

UPDATE #6: We’ve updated the article with a clearer video, which shows the security guard harshly bringing the man down after he is taken to the side of the stage. It’s clearly visible that Oh Jungtae was one of the first persons on scene (besides Sunny). Take a look at it below.

110417 Taeyeon Pulled Off Stage Angel Price Music Festival

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