Lynn Xiong ties Aaron Kwok up in wedding knot

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and model Lynn Xiong (熊黛林) are to tie the knot in June.The pair has been dating for five years although they have never publicly admitted it.The 46-year-old Aaron, one of Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings,” once said he hopes to get married before 50 and have two kids.He has asked for two-weeks leave from his manager in June.

It is reported he will only invite a handful of close friends to attend their small wedding overseas.Hong Kong singer Aaron Kwok’s secret relationship with model Lynn Xiong is slowly seeing the light of day.Recently, Lynn Xiong was even spotted taking her parents and friends to Aaron’s concert to show her support.A few days ago, a Hong Kong magazine reported that Lynn Xiong’s parents, who live in China, took the chance to discuss the bridal dowry with Aaron while they were in town.

Lynn Xiong ties Aaron Kwok up in wedding knot

Lynn Xiong’s manager Kim denied the report, saying, “That was just a picture of a family dining together. The media twisted the story and turned it into a marriage proposal. It’s absurd and silly.”The magazine also claimed that while Aaron has yet to propose to Lynn Xiong, the couple had agreed to announce their marriage this year.”Aaron likes children, plus many of his good friends have become fathers. He’s starting to make plans to get married and have kids. He’s even revealed that he wants to have two children before he turns 50,” an insider let on.

Lynn Xiong Says Aaron Kwok Is Born With It

In other related news, when interviewed recently, Lynn Xiong — who will be participating in a Chinese New Year movie for the third time — said that her family and friends in Nanjing will book the entire cinema hall to watch her upcoming movie.When asked if Aaron will be attending, the model replied coyly, “I hope he will watch it this year.”

The media also probed if the model had comforted her beau after he fell at his recent concert. She laughed and said, “I don’t have to. He knows how to get back on his feet.”However, Lynn Xiong admitted that she was shocked when it happened and was glad that Aaron was not hurt.
Lynn Xiong (born 10 October 1980), sometimes credited as her birth name Xiong Dailin, is a Chinese model and actress.

Lynn Xiong Early life:Lynn Xiong was born in Nanjing, China with family roots in Guizhou, China. She later studied costume design and performing arts at Soochow University.

Lynn Xiong Career:In 1999, Lynn Xiong developed Lynn Xiong career in Shanghai and became the second runner-up in the “China National Model Competition”. In 2002 Lynn Xiong received the “Best Fashion Model” and the “China Top Ten Models” awards.

In recent years, Lynn Xiong went to Hong Kong and started her acting career in the award-winning film Ip Man starring alongside Donnie Yen. She later appeared in films such as All’s Well, Ends Well 2010 and Ip Man 2.Lynn Xiong has also acted in Material Queen alongside Vanness Wu in 2011.

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