Lynn Hung Christmas Eve help Aaron Kwok

Dailin admits most like Aaron Kwok concert Shang jump spring bed of part Lynn Hung wearing little sat in Taiwan Xia Aaron Kwok concert entertaining full Beijing time on December 26 message, according to Taiwan media reported, Aaron Kwok (City City) evening continues to in Hong Kong Red Museum held “2011 dance p feast world tour Concert ”, previously he had said gossip girlfriend Lynn Hung will force quite, really evening peace night Lynn Hung on to hostess attitude appeared, media requirements photographed, Lynn Hung graciously 2 stop, whole foot, declared “ city woman ” status would mean full. ask her if Lynn Hung has not prepared a gift to the city when the city, Lynn Hungpretended to God µz said: “ Merry Christmas! &Rdquo; added favorite city city jump performances of spring bed, laugh out.

Lynn Hung Christmas Eve help Aaron Kwok

city city and Lynn Hung from 2006 to date, although after many rumors, and have not personally admit toParty identity, but recently attitude has obvious from resists go into default, plus Lynn Hung repeatedly declared sovereignty “ nurse love ”, two people relationship may said quite stability, and city city of fans were also gradually identity the “ city woman ”. had since than Christmas gift avatar fans waved Firefly light bar Lynn Hung to tied live city city of heart, most with name of record is in 2006 years peace night Eve, Lynn Hung laugh said to to own tied Shang Satin with, dang Christmas gift sent city city, And 2008 Shi,Lynn Hung regardless of large numbers of media waiting, sashay glide or in own birthday day town city home. City City evening peace night opened sang, Lynn Hung by Assistant accompanied appeared, saw Lynn Hung painting wearing little, and systemic black Department dressed, mixed in crowd in the wishes to smuggling admission, but due to 178 cm figure slender, a eye on was media found, immediately was numerous surrounded.

lynn hung aaron kwok

Lynn Hung once modelled ultra-revealing clothes to make ends meet:HONG KONG: China-born Hong Kong model-actress Lynn Hung is one of the biggest names in the modelling Hong Kong modelling industry today, but that was not always the case.Lynn Hung recounted in a recent interview that Lynn Hung used to model ultra-revealing clothing for a pittance in her early days just to make ends meet, reported Hong Kong media.”I remember when I just entered the business, and was a fashion model in Beijing.

“Honestly speaking, the designers there have very stylized designs, one hole in the left side, another in the right.”"Some clothes were so thin that it was just a layer of gauze but I wasn’t allowed to wear anything underneath,” said Lynn Hung.However, Lynn Hung had no choice but to wear the clothing anyway in order to get more opportunities in the future.

“I know if I refuse, they will just switch me out so I had to grit my teeth and do it, just for a few hundred dollars,” said Lynn Hung, who now commands thousands of times more in modelling fees.

“Even today, I still can see photographs of myself in those clothes on the Internet.”Lynn Hung took on jobs like this for three years before Lynn Hung gradually became known to fashion show directors and began receiving a steady stream of jobs.Lynn Hung (born 10 October 1980), sometimes credited as her birth name Xiong Dailin, is a Chinese model and actress.

Lynn Hung Early life

Lynn Hung was born in Nanjing, China with family roots in Guizhou, China. She later studied costume design and performing arts at Soochow University.

In 1999, Lynn Hung developed her career in Shanghai and became the second runner-up in the “China National Model Competition”. In 2002 she received the “Best Fashion Model” and the “China Top Ten Models” awards.

In recent years, Lynn Hung went to Hong Kong and started her acting career in the award-winning film Ip Man starring alongside Donnie Yen. Lynn Hung later appeared in films such as All’s Well, Ends Well 2010 and Ip Man 2.Lynn Hung has also acted in Material Queen alongside Vanness Wu in 2011.

Chinese Supermodel Lynn Hung Biography And Photos Chinese Supermodel Lynn Hung Biography And Photos,Lynn Hung yesterday to attend an activity of red marks on the neck is reporter when asked the reason, Chinese Supermodel Lynn Hung Biography And Photos but give a specific reply to Lynn Hung, was asked about the artists being candid events at home, did their preparedness, she answered home curtain has not started, my home is not always open air, often will wear a small vest, too hot when little dressed.

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