Lynn Hung Aaron Kwok married rumour

Earlier, Aaron Kwok attended Sina Weibo’s 1st Anniversary event. Michelle Reis was also present and announced her pregnancy. Aaron congratulated her immediately for having a perfect life.

When asked if there are plans to have a “Little Lynn” or “Little Aaron”, Aaron replied “I have plans on both marriage and having children, but just not right now.” (Do you plan on having children with Lynn Hung?) “I don’t know when in the future I will do these things, but one day if I decide to get married, I will definitely announce it on Weibo. Even though I have these plans myself, Lynn Hung needs to have the same thoughts. I can not say them randomly.”

Lynn Hung Aaron Kwok married rumour

Asked if he reached consensus with Lynn Hung regarding marriage matters, Aaron stressed again that he had no plans yet. Asked again if he and Lynn Hung talked about it, he became stiff and said “Even just saying it, I have to be responsible. I do not dare to do this in my life. Even for the female friends around me, I cannot just randomly say these things.”

Lynn Hung

Aaron Kwok & Lynn Hung Are Rumored to be Tying the Knot:Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung have been rumored to be tying the knot. According to rumors, Aaron met with Lynn Hung’s mother to discuss the marriage plans. Lynn Hung was also seen leaving Aaron’s house at odd hours, only to return at night.

Lynn Hung Aaron Kwok married

Both Lynn Hung and Aaron denies that they’re getting married right now. When reporters asked Lynn Hung’s brother regarding the marriage rumors, he only stated that he’s happy as long as she’s happy, not saying more about the matter.
Lynn Hung’s mother was also questioned regarding the rumors, she only responded that she didn’t even know that Lynn Hung had a boyfriend.

Lynn Hung expressed that she doesn’t want to rush into a marriage as she feels that it would only result in a divorce. She also said that she will consider getting married in a year or two, but if that happens the media will not be informed.

Aaron Kwok speaks up on Lynn Hung’s brain tumour rumour:Last week, it was reported that Hong Kong model Lynn Hung may have a brain tumour after she was spotted entering a hospital. Lynn Hung supposedly had a brain CT scan. However, the model denied the rumour when interviewed, saying that she was there for gastritis.

At a promotional event for his upcoming movie The Detective 2 on Apr 25, Lynn Hung’s rumoured boyfriend Aaron Kwok chided the person who spread the rumour.

“First, it was the rumour that Lynn Hung and I are together. Then, it was rumoured that we would be getting married at the end of the year. After we’ve clarified that rumour, [they] say she’s sick. It’s too much to joke about someone’s health,” Aaron said.

When asked if he was certain of Lynn Hung’s health, Aaron added, “Just look at how healthy she is.”

In other related news, it was reported that Aaron and Lynn Hung would be attending the same promotional event on Apr 26. However, Aaron would not be able to make it, due to his other work commitment, which required him to be in Beijing, China.

Aaron laughed and said “she cannot represent me” when asked if Lynn Hung was attending the event on his behalf, and added that he did not know Lynn Hung was going beforehand.

Aaron Kwok Pays for Lynn Hung’s Big House:Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and model, Lynn Hung Dai Lam, have been dating for the last four years. Last year, rumors circulated that Aaron cheated on Lynn Hung with Mango Wong Sau Lam. Despite this, Lynn Hung and Aaron remained a close couple. The media has even nicknamed Lynn Hung as “Sing So” (Aaron’s wife).

Aaron appeared to be an attentive boyfriend. During Valentine’s Day, Aaron revealed that he bought Lynn Hung flowers and they went out for a hot pot dinner. The normally low-key couple seems to be publicizing their relationship more prominently lately.

Since dating Aaron, Lynn Hung has surged from a little-known Nanjing model to a top model in Hong Kong. She often has cameo roles in movies and her recognition have surged in recent years. Allegedly at a recent Italian jewelry promotional event, Lynn Hung was treated very well by the staff in attendance. Meanwhile, other models such as Ana R., Jessica C. and Jocelyn were treated with less care. Since no one was paying attention to her, Jocelyn even laid down on the floor to take a brief nap while backstage.

Recently, Lynn Hung also moved from a smaller apartment to a 1,000 square feet home located in Tai O. Allegedly, Aaron was paying for the rent of the luxury home. When reporters asked Lynn Hung whether Aaron was paying for the rent, Lynn Hung widened her eyes and denied the rumor.

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