Chen Xiao Dong Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor

Daniel Chan’s(Chen Xiao Dong) first film produced in 1996 called “Hu Du Men” which gave him a kick start to his acting career. He once had a high profile relationship with Cecilia Cheung which lasted for a few years, although Daniel Chan Hiu Tung (Chen Xiao Dong) has been known as a low profile man.

Chen Xiao Dong Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor

Music wise, Daniel Chen Xiao Dong has been known to write, co-write and sing love songs with very touching and enlightening lyrics. Acting wise, Daniel Chan(Chen Xiao Dong) has appeared and acted alongside actors like the king of comedy, Stephen Chow, and Francis Ng, in “The Lucky Guy” and “A War Of No Desire”, successively.

Chen Xiao Dong Hong Kong

Full Name:Daniel Chan Hiu Tong
Known As:Chen Xiao Dong
Nickname:Dong Dong
Chen Xiao Dong Place of Birth:Hong Kong
Chen Xiao Dong Date of Birth:September 03, 1975
Chen Xiao Dong Lives in:Hong Kong
Chen Xiao Dong Star Sign:Virgo
Chen Xiao Dong Height:180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Chen Xiao Dong Blood Type:B
Chen Xiao Dong is:Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Chen Xiao Dong Famous For:film and TV series Feel 100% II, The Lucky Guy
Chen Xiao Dong Hobbies:basketball, ping pong, swimming, listening to music and singing

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