Jamie Yeo says no more discussion about ex-husband Glenn Ong

SINGAPORE: Former radio deejay Jamie Yeo will return to the airwaves soon as part of Power 98FM’s massive revamp recently, after 18 years of broadcasting.From March 19, Jamie Yeo will host a weekday breakfast programme with Hubert Tang and Sonja Steinmetz on the radio station, which will also begin to feature more lifestyle content in its programmes from then on.

This is Jamie Yeo’s first radio gig in five years.”It feels like just yesterday (that I was on radio)!” gushed Jamie Yeo, in a phone interview on Friday.”I am excited!”Jamie Yeo expressed that her love for radio has not waned even after five years away from the radio scene.

“I love radio! I still listen to radio even though I wasn’t on it, because I have so many friends in radio. I love it,” said Jamie Yeo.”I love talking to people, I like to give my two cents worth, and I think radio is a great media to be on.”As an added bonus, the breakfast show would only take up three hours each weekday, leaving the rest of the day free for her to spend time with her daughter and help her husband, Englishman Thorsten Nolte, run their communications and marketing agency Upfront Media.

The only thing about her return to radio that worries Jamie Yeo is how she will manage to wake up, haul herself to work, and do the breakfast show at the crack of dawn every day.”It is something I feel a bit apprehensive about.”I am always grumpy when I wake up early in the morning. I am not a morning person at all,” said Jamie Yeo sheepishly.”We’ll see what happens; hopefully the adrenaline rush [of going on air] will override my grumpiness. I’ve got my coffee mug ready. Thank god for caffeine!”

Jamie Yeo says no more discussion about ex-husband Glenn Ong

Even though the days ahead seem filled with work and groggy swigs from her coffee mug before Jamie Yeo heads off to the studio, Jamie Yeo said she will learn to deal with it and carry on.

After all, Jamie Yeo won’t be able to work when her next baby arrives.”One day, I might be stuck at home again, because I’ll have another kid in a couple of years and that means staying home to really care for the baby again,” Jamie Yeo said.”So while I’m not [pregnant], I’ll just work as hard as I can.”

Jamie Yeo: Enough about my ex

They say becoming a mummy changes most, if not, all women in many profound ways. And this statement rings more true than ever with TV host, local actress, businesswoman and deejay Jamie Yeo.”I don’t really care about trivial things now. I just want to make as much money as possible, and provide for my daughter,” Jamie rattled off in a phone interview with xinmsn, not missing a beat as Jamie Yeo spoke about how motherhood has transformed her.

The 34-year-old yummy mummy, who recently returned to the airwaves hosting a morning show with a local radio station after a five-year hiatus, was referring to the media’s incessant questions about her going into direct competition with her former husband, Class 95 DJ Glenn Ong’s morning show.

“It’s really such a trivial thing and I don’t understand why people keep going on about questions, like, if I still talk to Glenn or about competing with him on the morning show…”Jamie Yeo went on to explain, “Motherhood has changed me in such a way that nothing else matters except people who are close to me.”

Jamie Yeo has always been known for her bluntness. So forthright sometimes that it’s no surprise she could have, quite fortuitously, portrayed an obnoxious impression of herself to the media.And even if relentless talks behind her back about her high profile divorce might have bothered her somehow or other, she hid it well then, it seems.

But after a whirlwind change of life event, Jamie has clearly emerged more settled and embraced a different mindset altogether. There are a few reasons for the transformation; for one, Alysia, her 15-month-old daughter with her English husband Thorsten Nolte, 37, is her top priority now.”Life is short. When you become a mother, you start thinking of mortality and learn to be happy,” Jamie Yeo said.

Life, according to Jamie, revolves mostly around her daughter these days. Juggling a baby with radio work and managing a marketing firm she co-owns with her husband “is tiring but makes me happy”.

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