Janet Chow Ka Wai and Timmy Hung Wedding Photos

Actor Timmy Hung, kung fu star Sammo Hung’s son, ties the knot:Hong Kong actor Timmy Hung, the eldest son of acclaimed martial art actor Sammo Hung, tied the knot with actress Janet Chow Ka Wai the day before.The newlyweds did not go through the traditional Chinese customs prior to the wedding.Instead the couple spent time together the day before their matrimony (it is a taboo in Chinese customs for couples to meet the day before marriage), and also left out traditional ritual like the “welcoming ceremony”.

Bride Janet Chow Ka Wai had also reportedly drove herself back home to leave some belongings behind before rushing down to the venue of her wedding banquet.When the couple exchanged marriage vows at the banquet, Timmy, who has been dating Janet Chow Ka Wai for the past four years, said lovingly, “Taking care of her (Janet Chow Ka Wai) for the rest of my life is the responsibility of a husband. Every man needs to try his best to give his wife the best. I hope that I will do better with my career and let her live a happy life.”

Janet Chow Ka Wai and Timmy Hung Wedding Photos

The actor added that he hopes to let his 28-year-old actress wife retire from showbiz after marriage, moving his bride to tears with his loving words.The couple rounded up a total of 28 bridesmaids and 10 best men for the wedding, which included fellow celebrities like Michael Tong, Chin Kar Lok, and Frankie Lam.

The joyous event also saw attendance from Timmy’s Korean birth mother, father Sammo Hung, movie star Andy Lau and singer Jackie Chueng.Timmy Hung and 2006 Miss Hong Kong first runner-up Janet Chow Ka Wai’s tied the knot today! Timmy had ’10 Brothers’ serve as his groomsmen, while the bride Janet Chow Ka Wai had 28 bridesmaids. Timmy’s groomsmen included Chin Kar Lok, Michael Tong, Frankie Lam, and Carlos Ng. Janet Chow Ka Wai’s bridesmaids included Angela tong, Toby Leung, Elaine Yiu, Margaret Chung, Vivien Yeo and many many more.

Janet Chow Ka Wai and Timmy Hung Wedding

The day before, Janet Chow Ka Wai had her bridal shower party and her bridesmaids all went on stage to share their experiences they had with Janet Chow Ka Wai and how they felt about her. The bride got very emotional and cried the whole time.Janet Chow Ka Wai said: “I slowly established this group of friends in the 6 years since I’ve been in HK. We talk about everything and are about loyalty. We take care of each other, so I really want to share my happiness with them.” Timmy’s sister was also one of the bridesmaid, Janet Chow Ka Wailaughed: “They said Timmy is lucky to marry me. Even his sister said the same thing. I really don’t feel what’s so great about me, but I really thank them.”

Janet Chow Ka Wai

Janet Chow Ka Wai or Janet Chow (Chinese: 周家蔚) (born 25 August 1983, in Toronto, Canada) was the first runner-up in the 2006 Miss Hong Kong competition. She attended Markville Secondary School in Markham, Ontario.

Janet Chow Ka Wai Pageant career:Both Janet Chow Ka Wai, and Miss Hong Kong 2006 winner Aimee Chan Yan Mei, had competed at Miss Chinese Toronto 2004, although each failed to place. Later, Janet Chow Ka Wai joined the top 16 of the Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant as one of four women who were selected from overseas to compete. During the finals, she won the Miss Photogenic award, and received the highest swimsuit score (44) during her catwalk, although her interview only merited 29 points. She eventually placed as first runner-up.

Janet Chow Ka Wai Television career:Janet Chow Ka Wai has starred as an actor for A Fistful of Stances, Fly with Me, Some Day, Growing Through Life , Every Move You Make and Forensic Heroes III for Television Broadcasts Limited Hong Kong.

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