Linda Pikachu Liao Winner of Starcraft 2 Tournament

Taiwanese Idol, Linda Liao, Wins SC2 Battle:Linda “Pikachu” Liao places 1st in Electronic Sports League Female SCII Cup, and looks darn good while doing it

This isn’t exactly the person you would expect to be a Rank #1 Diamond Player in Asia, but Linda Liao, aka “Pikachu”, has dominated gamers worldwide. This woman does it all, modeling, acting, singing, and pwning noobs. What more can us guys ask for?

Linda Pikachu Liao Winner of Starcraft 2 Tournament

This Sunday concluded ESL’s second female starcraft II tournament, crowning Linda Liao champion. Among the competitors were 31 skilled girls from all over the world. Because of the success and response from the community, ESL is having another tournament which is expected to be even bigger and more competitive than the first two. Linda Liao also promised ESL that she would come back and play in their cup again so she might be participating in the third tournament as well.

Check out the video Linda Liao below: (Head over to ESL for the translation)

Linda Liao Pei Ling (Chinese: 廖佩伶; pinyin: Liào Pèilíng,(now known as 廖語晴) born May 24, 1981) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, MTV Mandarin VJ and professional gamer. She went to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Linda Liao Career:Linda Liao is a celebrity most famous in her native Taiwan as the host of the weekly Top 20 show on MTV Chinese.In 2005, she became well known in Singapore for her role as Ellie Chua in the MediaCorp Channel 5 television drama “Chase”.

In 2006, she was voted the 2nd Sexiest Woman in Singapore’s FHM.In 2007, she acted in another Mediacorp TV Channel 5 drama known as “After Hours” reprising her role as Ellie Chua from “Chase”. She performs the theme song of the drama, “So Real”.

In 2007 she and Jun Jin from the Korean KPop group Shinhwa (신화) collaborated in a song, titled Forever. Linda Liao was also made an appearance in the music video It Could Be Love by Korean group The Name, which also starred Shinhwa member, Jun Jin.

In 2007, she was voted the 19th Sexiest Woman in Singapore’s FHM.An avid basketballer in her teenage years, Linda Liao remains an avowed fan of Michael Jordan.In 2010, she was the Grand Champion of the ESL Female Gaming StarCraft II Cup.She is currently sponsored by Razer and still an active gamer.

Linda Liao Volunteer Work

In May 2009, she stepped out of her comfort zone and volunteered for the Future Village project in Nepal. During her week long stay, she taught English to under-privileged children and visited their families to understand their needs, among other meaningful works. Linda Liao’s 28th birthday was celebrated with the villagers, who threw a surprise party for her.

Linda Liao Discography

Linda Liao Albums

* 2002 August – Linda 7
* 2004 June – 我挺你
* 2011 May 27 – Love Presents 爱。现

A short interview with Linda ‘Pikachu’ Liao

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