Vincent Zhao exits Donnie Yen’s ‘Special Identity

Vincent Zhao Tells His Side Of The Story: ‘Donnie Yen Was The Unpleasant One Who Acted Like A Big Shot’ While it is official that Andy On has replaced Vincent Zhao in SPECIAL IDENTITY, the feud between Vincent Zhao and the film’s production crew is ongoing. It all started when rumors were spreading that Vincent Zhao acted like a big shot on set (including having an entourage of 7-8 people) and had poor work ethics (by not showing up for filming). In response, Vincent Zhao expressed his dissatisfaction that the script was changed without his approval. Then despite reported meetings between Donnie Yen, Vincent Zhao and the film crew, no agreements could be reached. Vincent Zhao eventually left the production and was given a very short notice to vacate the (reportedly very expensive) hotel room where he was staying.

Vincent Zhao exits Donnie Yen's 'Special Identity

With the feeling that his reputation has been ruined, and also gaining the support of a number of past collaborators, Vincent Zhao has now revealed his side of the story in an interview. During it, he said that it was Donnie Yen who demanded major script changes, including changes to previously agreed fight scenes, and those changes led Vincent Zhao’s character to become a supporting rather than a lead role. Vincent Zhao also described frequent arguments on set, with Yen acting like a big shot, frequently yelling and swearing at the film crew including the director.

Vincent Zhao and Donnie Yen Feud

Donnie Yen to Sue Vincent Zhao for Slander

Yen made a statement on Sunday that the discontinued partnership with Zhao was the decision of the investors of “Special Identity.” Yen said Zhao distorted the truth in interviews, claiming that he was forced out by Yen. Yen said it was a malicious act of slander, which Zhao used to promote himself.

Yen said he will sue Zhao for damaging his reputation, and that he reserved the right to pursue monetary damages.

“I am rather disappointed by Vincent Zhao’s words,” Yen said. “If I had made a mistake, it would have been my insistence in casting him in the movie. I have no energy to entangle myself in this issue. My lawyer has started on the case.”

He added he and Zhao may never work together again.

The production crew of “Special Identity” announced on Feb. 29 that Zhao had officially stepped away from the film, disappointing fans hotly anticipating the collaboration between the two kung fu superstars. In a media interview published on March 15, Zhao blasted Yen for allegedly diminishing his lead role in the script. He said the film producers announced his removal also without prior discussions with him.

Yen is known for portraying Bruce Lee’s master in the “Ip Man” movie franchise. Zhao starred in popular Hong Kong action film, “True Legend” (2010).

Zhao and wife Zhang Danlu attended a friend’s wedding on Sunday and was asked about the indictment. His managers company said they could not comment on the case because of ongoing negotiations and confidential business agreements.

Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (born April 10, 1972), sometimes credited as Vincent Chiu or Chiu Man-cheuk, is a Chinese actor and martial artist. Vincent Zhao is best known playing the role of Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung in the Once Upon a Time in China film and television series.

Vincent Zhao Early life

Vincent Zhao was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, as the youngest of three sons. His father was a martial arts practitioner, and his mother was a professional sprinter, who broke the record for being the fastest female sprinter of Harbin. Under the instruction of his father, Vincent Zhao attended martial arts lessons at the age of eight, but he never completely devote himself to his lessons as he was more interested in singing. In the early 1980s, Vincent Zhao was sent to a martial arts academy in Harbin and began to train vigorously, where he started to love the sport.He soon became the youngest member of the Harbin wushu team, which was established in 1985. Trained in various wushu techniques, Vincent Zhao mastered t’ai chi ch’uan, especially the Chen and Yang styles.

Vincent Zhao maintained high academic standards, and in 1990, he was accepted by Beijing Sport University to study martial arts.[4] Throughout his university career, he joined many national championships, winning first place titles and gold medals for the National Junior Championship, the National All-Around Championship, and also the National Martial Arts Championship. He was also qualified to be in China’s national martial arts team, and his classmates gave him the nickname, “Kungfu King”.

Vincent Zhao Career Vincent Zhao Fong Sai-yuk

In 1992, Hong Kong film producer Corey Yuen went to Beijing Sport University to find a martial artist to play the role of the antagonist for his 1993 film Fong Sai-yuk. Yuen found Vincent Zhao through the latter’s instructor and was immediately impressed with Zhao. Initially, Vincent Zhao was uninterested, but Yuen insisted on offering him the role because he had “the skill and looks.”After further encouragement from peers and mentors, Vincent Zhao accepted the offer and shooting began in the same year. Vincent Zhao was often teased for looking too nice and young for the role of the villain, the Governor of Kau-man,but under the instruction of Yuen and other directors, he learned the easiest way to “look evil”. He said,

“The director told me: Chiu Man-cheuk, when you look at people, don’t look at them like how you usually do. You must look at them from the corner of your eyes with your profile facing them. That way, you will look evil.”

During filming, Vincent Zhao also enrolled in acting classes for three months. Fong Sai-yuk was released in March 1993 and became a box office hit in Hong Kong, grossing HK$30,666,842.

Vincent Zhao Personal life

Vincent Zhao graduated from Beijing Sport University in 1994 and decided to remain there as a martial arts instructor. However, due to his busy filming schedule, he only taught classes for three months before resigning.

During his time at Beijing Academy, Vincent Zhao signed on for two months of dancing classes and won the National College Dance Championship Competition.

He was once linked with Anita Mui in early 1995 but the pair broke apart in 1996.

Vincent Zhao married his girlfriend Zhang Danlu whom he met in 2002 on June 2006, and their daughter, was born in September 2007. In November 2007, Vincent Zhao brought his family back to Beijing. At the airport, when interviewed, Vincent Zhao said his daughter is named “Rosita”, Chinese name “Zhao Ziyang” (赵紫阳). His daughter shares the same name as the late politician Zhao Ziyang, whose name has been a taboo subject in China since 1989. On 15 July 2011, Vincent Zhao’s wife gave birth in Hong Kong to their second son, who is named “Zilong” after the style name of Zhao Yun, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms period.

Vincent Zhao also has a son from a previous relationship with a Shanghai college student studying in Canada and a reported pianist at that time. His son, named “Zhao Yuanda” (赵元达), English name “Joseph”, was born in August 2002. The reason for their break up is unknown. In 2004 Zhao Yuanda and his mother moved back to Beijing, where she opened a yoga center in the luxury apartments of Beijing Suburbs.

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