Park Si Hyun (Park Eun Kyung) Super Hot Race Queen

Park Si Hyun Super Hot Race Queen:Born on October 31, 1984, Park Si Hyun 박시현 is a beautiful and popular race queen from Seoul, South Korea. With a sexy body and striking good looks, Si Hyun has achieved remarkable success in the modelling industry.

Park Si Hyun (Park Eun Kyung) Super Hot Race Queen

Name: Park Si Hyun
Park Si Hyun Birth: 31, Oct. 1984
Park Si Hyun Height: 170cm
Park Si Hyun Weight: 48kg
Park Si Hyun Birthplace: Seoul
Park Si Hyun Job: Racing Model
Park Si Hyun Edu: Han Yang Women’s University
Park Si Hyun Affiliation: Puma Racing gril

Park Si Hyun (Park Eun Kyung) Hot Race Queen

A really fine outdoor set of Park Si Hyun, you might remember Park Si Hyun from her Transformer 3 post which is also her only post at RCA so far. The first 2 photos are really nice and crisp, but the 6th photo really catches my attention. She sort of has a dramatic look, like she saw her boyfriend cheating or something similiar like that. I can’t really describe, have a look for your self

Park Si Hyun Hot Race Queen Photos

Park Si Hyun – Outdoor

As well, at the end of this post there is a photo were Park Si Hyun wears a different outfit. I have waiten for like almost a week and it’s the only photo released so far of the set. So I don’t think we will see more photos of the set sadly, I just wanted to share it ^^ I got to admit she looks quite sexy at the photo and the photographer took the photo from a nice angle

Park Si Hyun Super Hot Race Queen

Park Si Hyun Transformers 3:A new face on RCA, some of you guys allready know her, she goes by the name of Park Si Hyun.

Park Si Hyun Transformers 3

To me she is known of her killer abs and nice legs, though at the photos below her belly is coverd, so no abs in action. Anyway enjoy this set of Park Si Hyun promoting Transformers 3 accompanied by her sidekick, a Chevrolet Stark.

Lee Sung Hwa Together With Park Si Hyun:Pretty Korean model Lee Sung Hwa has recently taken some stunning photos with gorgeous Park Si Hyun. I’m glad that Park Si Hyun is still active in the modelling industry.

Lee Sung Hwa Together With Park Si Hyun

Both Lee Sung Hwa and Park Si Hyun have participated in the 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards too.

Park Si Hyun – Gorgeous Event Sets:It’s been ages since we’ve had a photo update post of gorgeous Korean race queen and model Park Si Hyun.

Park Si Hyun – Gorgeous Event Sets

Here we’ve gathered some of the most fabulous event pictures of Park Si Hyun to share with everyone.

Park Eun Kyung (Park Si Hyun) (박시현)

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