Jun Ji Hyun is getting married this June with Choi Jun Hyuk

Top actress Jun Ji-hyun, a.k.a. Gianna Jun, will marry a business man in June.Jeon Ji Hyun’s management made an official announcement for her marriage that will be held on June 2.Though they denied it at first, on March 1, J&Co. Entertainment stated, “Jeon Ji Hyun will be getting married on June 6 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul with Choi Jun Hyuk.”

After denying marriage rumors last month, actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s agency announced her wedding plans through an official press release.J & Co. Entertainment announced on March 2nd, “It is true that Jun Ji Hyun will be holding her wedding with Choi Jun Hyuk at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on June 2nd.”

Jun Ji Hyun is getting married this June with Choi Jun Hyuk

“We hope that you will congratulate Jun Ji Hyun who will now be living her new life as the wife of her new husband. Please bless their days ahead,” they continued. “We are always grateful for the unending love and support you have shown for Jun Ji Hyun all these years.”READ FULL STORY HERE


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