Kim Tae Hee threatened by Japanese haters Japan Against Kim Tae Hee

Japanese Right-Wing Nationalists Threaten, “If Kim Tae Hee Comes to Japan, We’ll Kill Her” : On March 10, SBS’s “That Is What We Want to Know” reported on the anti-hallyu, specifically anti-Kim Tae Hee, sentiments in Japan. Recently, Kim Tae Hee had been forced to cancel a CF fan sign event/press conference last minute in Japan due to increased anti-Kim Tae Hee sentiments. On February 21. Kim Tae Hee was supposed to attend the event for Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto. However, she had to pull out of the event due to safety measures. The cancellation happened after Japanese netizens flooded the internet community board of the company Kim Tae Hee was endorsing with hateful comments and threats.

Kim Tae Hee threatened by Japanese haters Japan Against Kim Tae Hee

Additionally, the members of the right-wing Japanese group even held a protest by the Tokyo headquarters of Rohto. The participants shouted, “Anti-Japanese actress Kim Tae Hee! Don’t come to Japan,” “Cancel your deal with Kim Tae Hee,” “Anti-Japanese actress! Stop making money in Japan,” “Go back to where you come from,” “If you [Kim Tae Hee] come to Japan, we’ll kill you,” and more.

Back in 2005, Kim Tae Hee and her brother, Lee Wan, visited Switzerland to advocate the disputed Dokdo Island as Korean territory.Kim Tae-hee in hot water over politics:A Japanese cosmetics company has cancelled its public events featuring top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee, as Japanese netizens criticized her for advocating Korea’s sovereignty over Dokdo.

Dokdo is a group of rocky islets in the East Sea that Japan has claimed as part of its territory and calls Takeshima.

Japan’s Fight Against Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee, who shot to stardom via hit Korean dramas like Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard, Iris and My Princess served as a Dokdo advocate in 2005 with her younger brother, actor Lee Wan.

The duo visited Switzerland that year and handed out T-shirts that said “Dokdo is Our Land” and Dokdo sovereignty-themed music CDs.

Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., who selected Kim Tae Hee to model for its new skincare brand Yukigokochi, said they canceled the event due to safety concerns, as the company received negative comments regarding the actress via their website.

The cosmetics and pharmaceutical company called off the event Monday, two days before Japan’s official Takeshima Day.Kim Tae-hee in hot water over politics

The Thin (Eye) Line Between Kim Tae Hee and T-ara’s Jiyeon:Since her debut, T-ara’s Jiyeon has been noted for looking like actress Kim Tae Hee. Now, through the power of photoshop, one Netizen has shown how makeup can transform Kim Tae Hee into Jiyeon.

The Thin (Eye) Line Between Kim Tae Hee and T-ara’s Jiyeon

On an online community, a photo was uploaded with the caption, “All it takes is ten seconds to go from Kim Tae Hee to Jiyeon.” In the photo, through a series of transformations, Kim Tae Hee is given the same eye makeup application that Jiyeon is famous for. In the end, Kim Tae Hee looks remarkably like Jiyeon.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “All Kim Tae Hee did was put on thick eyeliner but now she really looks like Jiyeon” and “I finally see how Kim Tae Hee and Jiyeon look alike.”

Furor Scuppers Kim Tae-hee Promotional Event in Japan:The launch of an advertising campaign in Japan featuring Korean actress Kim Tae-hee has been cancelled due to anti-Korean sentiment.

Japanese daily Nikkan Sports said Kim Tae Hee was set to appear at the launch of a new cosmetic product by Rohto Pharmaceutical but organizers called off the event citing safety concerns after spiteful comments criticizing Kim Tae Hee’s selection as the model appeared on the Internet.

In 2005, Kim Tae Hee and her brother, actor Lee Wan, were named advocates of Korea’s territorial sovereignty over the Dokdo islets, to which Japan lays a dubious claim. This has led to Kim Tae Hee being targeted by anti-Korean groups in Japan.

They posted photos of Kim Tae Hee and her brother visiting Switzerland as goodwill ambassadors wearing T-shirts and distributing songs that said Dokdo belongs to Korea. Japanese netizens said Kim Tae Hee should not be allowed to work as an entertainer in Japan due to her “anti-Japanese” attitude.


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