Lee Min Jung Kim Hyun Joong mutual attraction

Kim Hyun Joong confesses his attraction to Lee Min Jung

Singer Kim Hyun Joong recently filled in for Super Junior‘s Shindong on MBC Radio‘s ‘Shim Shim Tapa‘, as a radio DJ.On October 24th, Kim Hyun Joong answered a series of questions pertaining to actress Lee Min Jung. Near the end, a staff member began streaming ‘confession background music’, which inspired the singer to leave a spontaneous message for the actress.

Lee Min Jung Kim Hyun Joong mutual attraction

“Why didn’t I realize how beautiful you were back then. I guess I was too tired from working such long hours, my eyes must not have caught it,” he began. “It’s so good to see that you’re keeping busy these days, I hope that we will get to work together again sometime.”Listeners chuckled as they commented, “Awesome message“, “She would have laughed out loud“, “You two should film something together“, and “I want this to be real!”

Kim Hyun Joong:“How was I not aware that Lee Min Jung was that beautiful?”

Singer + actor Kim Hyun Joong expresses his regret for not recognizing Lee Min Jung‘s beauty sooner.Kim Hyun Joong filled in for Shindong, who is overseas for a schedule on his radio show MBC ‘Simsimtapa’.

On this day, Kim Hyun Joong, Trax’s Jung Mo, and 8eight’s Joo Hee were giving each other quiz on actress Lee Min Jung. Then a short time later a segment called ‘The production crews’ confession’ continued and a background song started playing.Kim Hyun Joong spoke his mind, “I don’t know how I was not aware that Lee Min Jung was so beautiful back then. I think the late night work got to me and my eyes were tired. It’s really nice to see her work so hard at her craft nowadays. I would love to work with her one day.”

Lee Min Jung Kim Hyun Joong

After listening to Kim Hyun Joong’s confession the radio listeners chimed in via the live chat, “The audio letter was daebak”, “The production crews cornered him to say those things haha~”, “I think Lee Min Jung would be so happy if she heard this”, “I hope you’ll get to work with Lee Min Jung next time”, and the radio listeners showed appreciation to his candor.

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