Bobby Tonelli Joanne Peh boyfriend

Joanne Peh is supposed to be a girlfriend of 34 years old Bobby Tonelli who is an American actor who has played role in some Hollywood films. Last Friday at Extraordinary V Conference, Singaporean actress Joanna Peh was seen with rumored boyfriend, Bobby Tonelli.  Name of Joanne Peh was declared for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award.

In the performance, the couple was visibly absorbed. Occasionally they passed smiles and glances. In each other’s company, they saw happy and comfortable. In an interview, Joanne said that she is unafraid of showing along with Bobby at public places. “We meet up quite often.”The actress continued and explained that her curiosity was annoyed after she read about the ‘Little Nyona’ part.
When Joanne was questioned about her relationship with Bobby, she avoided the question by beating around the bush and replied, “What do you count ‘dating’ as? I have not been dating for a long time!”

Joanne said that she and Bobby see each other as friends for now and have no plans to enter into a relationship. But she also added, “I am still trying to understand his background and character.”Quizzed at the progress of their relationship, Joanne remarked, “Sometimes when we are at crowded places, he will hold my hand and protect me. He is afraid that I will get lost.”

Joanne pointed out that they have known each other one year ago from the Channel 8 hit series, The Little Nyona. Bobby Tonelli plays role as a lawyer in the television drama.She said, “He is very patient and really listens when I speak. He is not a judgmental person.” She also said, “I don’t want to think of the guy friends around me as potential boyfriends.”

Bobby Tonelli grills Joanne Peh boyfriend

After more questioning, she said that her American actor boyfriend, Bobby Tonelli will be traveling with her and also told that she will be meeting with his parents for the first time during this trip. She hurriedly added, “Don’t worry! I won’t be getting married on-the-sly! Everyone is getting married at Las Vegas, it’s so uncreative and I won’t be doing the same thing!”

Joanne Peh Off To LA To Meet Bobby Tonelli’s Parents:Ann Kok may have won the fashion stakes in Part 1 of the MediaCorp Star Awards 2010 but Joanne Peh was definitely the talk of town with her vampy look in Part 2.Joanne Peh’s black dress accentuated her slim waist and gave the audience a peek-a-boo of her side breast. I think Michelle Chia must have regretted standing next to her.

There was no major surprise for Joanne Peh last night as she got into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award.On her celebration plans, the birthday girl revealed that she will be jetting off to Los Angeles to meet the parents of her boyfriend, Bobby Tonelli.

Bobby Tonelli Joanne Peh boyfriend

In preparation for the meeting, Joanne Peh has thoughtfully prepared a handmade 3D jigsaw puzzle globe. As Bobby Tonelli’s parents have never been to Asia, she hopes to bring them a part of it in the form of Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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