The ‘X Factor’ Auditions Bring Out the Crazies

The ‘X Factor’ Auditions Bring Out the Crazies: Fox “listening tour Factor X ‘wrapped up Thursday (29 September), sending its last batch of singers – including more than a few teenage members – in their version of Hollywood week, known as Boot Camp. First place was Brian Bradley, who clearly was the X factor, if factor X a massive self-confidence. 14-year-old pint-sized Brooklyn rapper turned “X Factor” judges superstar ego 10 times platinum. According to him, so he has not signed a contract with a record contract was a “political rights” and then chose the model with beef Simon Cowell, who led to carry out their original songs, “Stop looking at my mother.” With his old-school boom-BAP and instantly catchy hook, “stop…

The ‘X Factor’ Auditions Bring Out the Crazies

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