Kim Kardashian wants divorced from Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian has registered a file in the court to get the divorce from her husband Kris Humphries. She files in the court after the two month of her marriage. Kim Kardashian is a Hollywood star, and she was married to a basketball play Kris Humphries two months ago. The marriage was highly celebrated and people were talking about the marriage all around the sports and Hollywood programs.

Kim Kardashian wants divorced from Kris Humphries

This news is confirmed by the court documents from L.A superior Court. The friends of Kim Kardashian told to a media reported that her husband wants to move to Minnesota and spend a simple life with him. This issue was started last week, and now they are talking about the divorce. After thinking in the day and night I reach on this conclusion that I have to end my marriage, said a 31-year-old Kim Kardashian. This decision was not easy for me. I was marriage for whole life but sometime things are not going in your way, and you have to change your plan to spend a happy life.

kim kardashian and kris humphries divorce

We remain friends and wish best of luck to each other for better future. While the Kim Kardashian husband says, I love my wife, and I do not want to lose her, and he is ready to pay any price for this. I will do anything to make it work again he said in a statement. This is not happening in the first time of the history of Hollywood when a star wants to be divorced after marriage in just few month or year.

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