Viann Zhang Scandal Photos

Ron Ng’s Fans Seek Revenge By Exposing Viann Zhang’s Vulgar Photos:Since her debut, 35F mainland actress, Viann Zhang (張馨予) has generated numerous rumors, including allegations of plastic surgery and working as an escort. Photos in which Viann’s breast was grabbed by other men also circulated widely online.

Recently, Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) fans unearthed old photos of Viann Zhang in which she stuck out her middle finger, chain smoked, and posed intimately with several men. Ron’s fans opposed their idol dating Viann Zhang; by digging up Viann’s scandalous photos from her past, Ron’s fans attained their great revenge. Fans hoped that Ron would recognize Viann’s true colors.

After dating Ron Ng, Viann Zhang rose from an obscure personality to increased recognition. At the same time, Ron’s fans were highly displeased with Viann Zhang, who they considered to be using Ron to promote herself.  Last month, when Viann Zhang posted a bed photo of herself on Ron’s Weibo blog, his fans scolded her vehemently. Unfortunately, the Weibo incident did not result in Ron giving up onViann Zhang. Instead, Ron openly admitted that Viann Zhang was his girlfriend. Ron’s fans united to reveal the true face of Viann Zhang, hoping to seek their revenge.

Viann Zhang Scandal Photos

In the series of recent circulating photos, Viann Zhang Zhang’s appearance was apparently before her current plastic surgery. She hugged two men simultaneously while smoking. In two of the photos, Viann Zhang’s breast were grabbed by different men. Viann Zhang stuck out her middle finger in another picture, revealing her bad girl side.

After posting Viann Zhang’s vulgar photos online, a Ron Ng fan urged him to see Viann Zhang true colors. The fan pleaded with Ron, “Are you sure you can accept your future wife’s vulgar photos circulating online, to be easily seen by everyone? What will happen when your children see these photos? Do not let her harm you again!”

Viann Zhang Dismisses Vulgar Photos:Appearing at the premiere of Lunar New Year film, I Love Hong Kong 2 , Viann Zhang commented on the circulation of her past scandalous photos in which she smoked, posed intimately with various men, and stuck out her middle finger. Viann Zhang said, “It’s so exaggerated! Tabloids have reported this previously. At the time, I was 19 years old and went out with some friends. I did not officially enter the entertainment industry yet.”

Asked if she possessed a smoking habit, Viann Zhang said, “I do not smoke. When I was young, I found smoking to be cool, thus I posed with a cigarette in the photo.” Accused that she had acted as an escort at a nightclub in the past, Viann Zhang retorted, “Do you think that is possible? Before entering the entertainment industry, I had I relied on my parents. Afterward, I relied on myself.”

Ron Ng faces media over Viann Zhang photo scandal:HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Ron Ng stepped forward on Thursday to clarify his relationship with busty Chinese model-actress Viann Zhang, and explain why he posted a photo of her lounging in bed on his micro blog, reported Hong Kong media.Ng told reporters that he was not responsible for the photo and said it was Viann Zhang, and explain why he posted a photo of her lounging in bed on his micro blog, reported Hong Kong media.Ng told reporters that he was not responsible for the photo and said it was Viann Zhang who accessed his account and posted the photo, using his account details which he freely shared with her.

“I’d first like to apologise to my fans, family and friends. I didn’t know the situation on my micro blog because I was at Toby Leung’s wedding.”After that I went somewhere else to drink till 4am and was shocked when I came home and saw the blog post,” said Ng.”I have called her to understand the whole matter. She has admitted her mistake and apologised. I forgive her.”

Perhaps wary of getting involved in a ‘bedroom photo’ scandal a la Raymond Lam, Ng added that the photo was not taken at his home, pointing out that Viann Zhang was in China for work at that time.As for his relationship with Viann Zhang, Ng said that he “dated her before” but refused to elaborate if “dated her before” meant they are no longer together, only saying that he hoped the media would give him some space.Even if they have called it quits, Ng appears to still care for her – the 32-year-old TVB actor called for his fans to avoid criticising Viann Zhang and stressed that “everyone makes mistakes”.

Ng even requested that the Hong Kong media refrain from hounding her when she arrives in Hong Kong for work next week as “she is a newcomer”.An honest mistake?Although Ng has stepped forward to answer media queries about the photo scandal, he waffled when asked if Viann Zhang had deliberately posted the photo on his blog.

“I never bothered about that,” said Ng.However, he apparently gave senior TVB officer Virginia Lok a different answer – Lok had previously told the media that Ng said the photo of Viann Zhang on his micro blog was just her way of telling him to pay more attention to her.

Viann Zhang on the other hand, claimed it was an honest mistake.”It was just a small slip up; there is no need to overreact.”Even though I know outsiders will surely won’t believe that I just logged into the wrong account,” said Viann Zhang, Wednesday, on her own micro blog.

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