Natasha Wan Xue Wen pleaded guilty to whacking four police officers

She may appear to be small-sized, petite and demure, but 24 year old undergraduate Natasha Wan Xue Wen (pic left) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) managed to take on four police officers on her own.

Natasha was charged on Friday evening for “using abusive words and criminal force on public servants and behaving in a disorderly manner.”

She pleaded guilty in a district court and the court had called for a probation report with the next hearing fixed on June 7.

According to court documents, at about 4am on Oct 26 last year, two officers patrolling Jiak Kim Street in a police car saw a bouncer escorting Wan, her boyfriend Lim Zhao Ming and another man out of Zouk following a brawl in the disco.

Natasha Wan Xue Wen pleaded guilty to whacking four police officers

Lim was punched in his right eye and was bleeding from a wound on his temple while Natasha was intoxicated and was hurling vulgarities at the police officers who went to take a look.

When they tried to probe further, Natasha turned violent suddenly and started punching, head-butting and abusing them. She bite a female police officer on her wrist and it eventually took four police officers to apprehend her. The officer who was bitten had to be warded in hospital for six days and given 13 days’ medical leave.

Natasha has since deleted her Facebook and Linkedin accounts.

In a separate case on 19 April, 23 year old Muhammad Iqbal Bin Azman was jailed three months for punching a plain-clothes police officer and nine months for drug consumption.

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