9 Students Aced 2011 A level Exams 6 Raffles Institution 3 Hwa Chong

Even before the A-level results are released on Friday, many students at two top schools have already relied on their own school diplomas to gain entry into prestigious universities.Raffles Institution (RI) and Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) said that since they rolled out their own diplomas, they have noticed more students getting offers from the likes of Oxford, Cambridge and Princeton.A Level Results 2012 Singapore Released GCE A-Level Examination Results

Principals of both schools said the Raffles Diploma (RD) and Hwa Chong Diploma provide admission officers with an additional way to assess how well-rounded the students are.RI principal Lim Lai Cheng said: ‘It simplifies the administrative process as the diploma structure helps highlight the students’ capabilities and strengths.’

9 Students Aced 2011 A level Exams 6 Raffles Institution 3 Hwa Chong

Varsity entry, thanks to Raffles, Hwa Chong diplomas



Hwa Chong Excels Yet Again at the 2011 GCE A-Level Examinations:Hwa Chong Institution has excelled once again in the Sciences, Humanities, Math and Project Work at the 2011 GCE A-Level Examinations.

Our students continue to do very well after they graduate from Hwa Chong.Between 2009 and 2012, thirteen Hwa Chong alumni topped Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics, the world- renowned US Military Academy at West Point, and Shanghai Fudan University.

These include students like Yuen Pak Man, who was awarded the Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award 2012, Stanford’s highest undergraduate academic honour awarded those who graduate in the top 5% of the engineering class.

Students Aced 2011 A level Exams 6 Raffles Institution 3 Hwa Chong

Pak Man said, “Hwa Chong will always have a special place in my heart. I am grateful for those six years in many ways. Hwa Chong’s academic rigor, entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on values bring out the very best in every Hwa Chongian”.

Cong Lin was named Harvard’s Most Promising Graduate in 2009.Cong Lin said, “Both Hwa Chong and Harvard provided me a well-rounded education. There were unrivalled opportunities for co-curricular activities, research endeavours, and community service. I am fortunate to receive much love from my parents, as well as help from my teachers and friends in Hwa Chong”.

Hwa Chong Institution:Hwa Chong Institution (simplified Chinese: 华侨中学; traditional Chinese: 華僑中學; pinyin: Húaqíao Zhōngxúe) (HCI) is an independent school in Singapore for students aged 12 to 18 covering both secondary and pre-university levels. A Ministry of Education-designated FutureSchool, it operates under the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) for bilingualism, and offers the Integrated Programme (IP) and also the School Based Gifted Education Programme (SBGEP), after the Secondary School Gifted Education Programme was phased out. The main campus, in Bukit Timah, covers 72 acres (29 ha) shared between Hwa Chong Institution, Hwa Chong International School, the institution’s boarding school, and the Bukit Timah campus of SIM University. The campus is markedly larger than most schools in Singapore and the region.

Raffles Institution:Raffles Institution (RI), founded in 1823, is the oldest centre for pre-tertiary learning in Singapore. It is an independent school in Singapore providing secondary and pre-university education. RI consists of a boys-only secondary section (known as “Raffles Institution (Year 1-4)”), and a coeducational pre-university section (known as “Raffles Institution (Year 5-6)”). Its current campus is in Bishan.

The school offers the six-year Integrated Programme, which allows students to bypass GCE O-Levels and go straight to the GCE A-Levels. Known as the Raffles Programme, it is offered in collaboration with its sister school, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary).

RI was among the first schools to receive the Ministry of Education’s School Excellence Award, which recognises “excellence in both education processes and outcomes”. It is a member of various academic partnerships and alliances, such as the G20 Schools and the Global Alliance of Leading-Edge Schools.

RI was awarded the Singapore Quality Award in 2011. It was the third secondary school to win the SQA after Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Hwa Chong Institution.

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