Total Eclipse of the Heart MUSIC VIDEO

The Voice Contestants Duke It Out To ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ : It’s up to the Battle Round of the hit NBC show “The Voice,” where contestants take the stage and belt it out in a bid to beat out the other and move on to the next round.

Two contestants took the stage on a recent episode of “The Voice” and took on the famous lyrics of hit song,”Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

“I really need you tonight,” sings one contestant.  ”And I need you more than ever,” finishes another.“Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I’m only falling apart,” one contestant sings as the other comes in and finishes the line during the stellar performance.

Total Eclipse of the Heart Bonnie Tyler MUSIC VIDEO

Total Eclipse of the Heart Bonnie Tyler MUSIC VIDEO

On Monday night’s highly-dramatic episode of NBC’s The Voice, Cheesa and Angie Johnson faced off in an epic battle-royale over Bonnie Tyler’s classic 80s power ballad “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” The two singers gave it their all, in perhaps one of the most audacious vocal showdowns ever televised.

As the song played, the duo persistently tried to outdo each another with accentuated ululations, key changes and divaish stage presence, much to the crowd’s — and NBC audience’s — delight.

You had to feel bad for judge Cee-Lo Green who had to pick just one of the singers as the best performer of the song.Who do you think sang the song the best? Watch below via NBC:

Total Eclipse of the Heart MUSIC VIDEO

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