Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang Picture Found Here

Popular Hong Kong star, Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang, is angered by a controversial art expo staged in Nanjing, China, by the infamous “naked headmaster”model, Yang Linchuan, which featured a nude painting of the 31-year-old star, according to May Daily.One of Yang’s many artworks featured an oil painting of Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang posing provocatively and revealing her privates, based on a photograph by her ex-lover Edison Chen that was previously leaked and circulated on the internet.

Cecilia Cheung from Singapore sue Yang Linchuan over naked paint photo

Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang Picture Found Here

Edison chen scandal photos with 16-year-old schoolgirl

The earlier scandal took place in 2008, which shocked the world for the photos were explicit, involving Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang and Chen, as well as Chen’s other lovers, actress-singer Gillian Chung and singer-model Bobo Chan.Due to this incident,Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang and her management will consider taking legal action against Yang as it will ruin the actress-singer’s reputation as a professional.Other nude portraits in the show appear to be of actresses Cecilia, Liu Xiaoqing, and Sun Feifei.

Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang Picture

Yang replied to Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang’s outrage by claiming that it is unreasonable, for if Cecilia Sue Siew Nnang could reveal her nude photos with Chen on the internet, then there is nothing wrong with his nude painting of her.”This is my personal interpretation of their sex scandal,” said Yang.

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