Michelle Chia Xie and Shaun Chen speak up on their divorce

SINGAPORE: Singapore actress Michelle Chia Xie and actor husband Shaun Chen announced Wednesday that they are in the midst of divorce proceedings, reported xin.msn.com.

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“We have been trying very hard these few years, but we felt that, in the end, this decision (to separate) is best for both of us,” said Michelle Chia Xie, adding that they are still friends and that her parents still treat Chen like family.They insisted that it was neither a ‘third party’ nor monetary problems or even difficult family members which caused their split.The two stars, who quietly registered their marriage in 2008, explained that they have decided to part ways amicably due to “incompatible personalities”.

Michelle Chia Xie and Shaun Chen speak up on their divorce

When asked why they had repeatedly denied rumours that their marriage was on the rocks in the past, Michelle Chia Xie replied that they were still trying to save their marriage at the time and refused to pass “a death sentence” on their relationship by going public with their marital troubles.

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“We did have problems and we talked to some close friends about it, but we didn’t expect it to be leaked,” said Chia.Michelle Chia Xie revealed that she is no longer staying in their matrimonial home and has recently moved in with her parents “because he (Chen) will be shooting in Malaysia for three months and I don’t want to be alone at home”.Although Michelle Chia Xieand Chen have decided to call it quits, both parties expressed that they still cared for one another.

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“I will forever watch over her, protect her and will still stay by her side,” said Chen.

“It’s not like either party did anything. Of course there is still love,” said Michelle Chia Xie.The pair’s divorce proceedings are expected to be completed in October later this year.

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