Kimberly Chia first celebrity in Singapore with iPhone app

Local celebrity Kimberly Chia has become the first celebrity in Singapore to have an iPhone app made in her name.Kimberly Chia, 17, rose to fame after acting in Channel 8 drama “On the Fringe”, alongside big names like Li Nanxing and Fann Wong.

Become the ultimate fan of Kimberly Chia with her brand new app! With the Photo-booth feature, you get to pose with her by choosing from a wide variety of fun Kimberly Chia poses, and add cute and funky frame designs. When you’re done with the photo fun, you get to share the picture with all your friends.

Kimberly Chia first celebrity iPhone app

Get exclusive access to Kimberly Chia’s gallery of photos including Up Close and Behind the Scenes albums that contain photos which are exclusively available only in this app! From rare behind-the-scenes shots to adorable childhood photos, you can be the first in the world to view them and get really up close with the artiste.

Get real-time updates with Kimberly Chia’s social media activities, be it her blog, Twitter or Facebook page, effortlessly from the app. Download the app today!

Kimberly Chia’s App

Her app, named after her, has even made it to the top 25 list on Apple’s App Store.It allows users to view Kimberly Chia’s photos, including childhood pictures, and receive feeds from Twitter, Blog and Facebook updates from her.One star attraction of the app is that users can take a photo with Kimberly Chia, using photo templates that feature her.While the app appears to be popular with her fans, some netizens are also saying it is “superficial and like a stalker app”.

Kimberly Chia first celebrity in Singapore with iPhone app

A netizen even commented that the app makes her seem “self-indulgent” and “narcissistic”.

Another feature of the app allows users to pay US$0.99 (S$1.25) to view three exclusive photos of the celebrity. However, the photos cannot be saved to the user’s phone.On this paid feature, netizens feel that the definition of ‘exclusive’ is marred, as “the pictures are not exclusive if everyone who pays can get it”.

Kimberly Chia

Some netizens even took to criticising Kimberly Chia altogether, saying “She does not seem to have different facial expressions in her photos, what’s the point of getting ‘exclusive’ photos when her expression is only the same plastered smile?”

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