Eating Human in CHINA Do They Eat Babies in China?

Eating Human in CHINA Do They Eat Babies in China?

Ok.. I just read this article and i am totally disgusted..not sure how accurate it is though or if its an urban lagend..tried checking couldnt find anything further..Ermm.. Anyways I cant imagine anything would in the world.. anyways the article is as follows.. *Please only continue reading it if you have the heart for it.  The link shows some graphic images.

My questions:  Arent there any type international laws in effect preventing stuff like this from happening..?  Is their logic behind eating these fetuses justified..?

Pregnant with Dad’s Baby and so in Love, what?

Chinese Eat Baby Soup *

Some of the Chinese people are known to be eating babies and the news circulated through the internet or via Email communication is shocking the world.

An Email report received by The Seoul Times confirmed that news with several vivid and appalling pictures of human embryos fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption.

The report went on. A town in the southern province of Canton (Guangdong) is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance in particular.The cost in China currency approximately $ 4000 (it is about Rs2000).

Eating Human in CHINA Do They Eat Babies in China

A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer.It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for eight hours of boiling and steaming.

He pointed to his second wife next to him. She is 19 years old. The 62-year-old man testified that they have sex everyday.After waiting for a couple of weeks he took this reporter to the restaurant when he was informed by restaurant manager that the spare rib soup (local code for baby soup) was now available.

A human baby is dumped into the water for boiling in China.This time it was a couple who have two daughters and this third one was confirmed to be a daughter again. So the couple aborted the baby which was five months old.

Eating Human in CHINA

Those baby who is close to be born and die naturally costs 2000 in China currency. Those aborted ones cost a few hundreds in China currency.Those couples who did not want to sell dead babies, placentas can be accepted also for couple of hundreds.

One local reporter was quoted as saying that this is the problem arising from Chinese taking too much attention in health or is the backfire effect when China introduced one child in a family policy.

This heinous crimes rise from the fact that majority of Chinese people prefer to have male babies and the poor families end up selling their female babies.Dead babied can be purchased in Taiwan for 70 US dollars for being used as grilled delicacies.

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