Pregnant with Dad’s Baby and so in Love, what?

I am pregnant with my dad’s baby, and we are so in love, what do you think after reading this line? These words or not taken from any movie or drama serial. This is the real word which is revealed by a 28-year-old woman this week. This is a shocking news fro every man. Penny Lawrence except that she is pregnant by her father. The mother of Penny Lawrence was passed away, and she starts searching her father. Her grandparents were also not with her anymore. According to the Irish Sun, she found her father in Houston.

Pregnant with Dad's Baby and so in Love, what

When she met her father both of, they were attracted to each other, and they had a sexual relationship which resulting as a pregnancy of Penny Lawrence. The couple said that, they are happy while their attraction was pure Genetic Sexual Attraction. The term GSA is used to express the feeling of the children and parents. She said we never experienced like a father-daughter relationship. We met like other strangers, and we love each other now.

The father of the Penny Lawrence said, I research into it, and I understand that there are so many cases in which parents and children having sexual relation. Sisters have relation with brothers and fathers, and the mother has relation with their son. They are living happily said Penny Lawrence father. He said GSA is not recognized in the court as well. I am pregnant with dad s baby and so in love with my father. If there is no problem in baby’s birth, we will grow up our baby said a stupid couple.

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